All about sun


Every day the sun rises — nothing seems more normal to us. Unimaginable forces are at play. Without them, life would not be possible. Join us on an exciting journey to this cosmic superpower house.

Photostability plays a key role

When purchasing sunscreen, most consumers look at the sun protection factor. The sensory experience likewise plays a role in whether they will buy that particular product again or not. Everyone should ask themselves the following question, too: is my sunscreen actually photostable? Sometimes it is printed directly on the packaging. Checking the INCI list also helps to see if it contains photostable filters. We wish to explain why photostability is so important.

Sunlight and health go hand in hand

Sunlight is the source of life on Earth. But it is not only the sun that is responsible for our well-being. Artificial light is also playing an increasingly important role in our everyday lives.

Do astronauts need sunscreen?

We will admit: it's not the biggest of target markets. Nevertheless, it's worth asking whether astronauts and space tourists also need to add sunscreen to their packing list before taking off on their missions. Let’s head off into the stratosphere and beyond.

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Does the sun prevent Dementia?

Can you avoid Alzheimer’s by sunbathing? Sounds tempting. Actually, research suggests a connection between the vitamin D supply in our body and dementia. Reality, though, is much more complex with many speculations.

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Artificial sun

Yes, there are indoor tanning lovers. They want to get a tan without sunbathing. Yet, is artificial tanning "better“ than natural sunlight? Whoever still wants to go to a tanning booth, should still consider a few things.

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The UV Index helps to see the stop light

The German Weather Service records the UV Index and publishes it on the web. Meteorologists also issue warnings when particularly high levels of radiation are expected.

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Earth’s fate without sun

Considering the multitude of effects caused by the light of the sun, it’s easy to realize that without the sun, life on earth wouldn’t be possible. But what would happen without the sun?

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It’s all about the right balance

Without sunlight, plants die in a short period of time. Humans also can’t live without sunlight. It keeps you fit and makes you happy.

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No sun, no life on earth

The sun is the most inhospitable and hostile place imaginable: glowing hot, deadly radiation and devouring everything that enters its realm. Nevertheless, its light is considered the source of life on earth. How does that work together?

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The sun, a superpower

Can you read a number with 30 zeros? It is called a quintillion. This super power plant located at the center of our solar system can impress us with many other "big numbers" that go beyond what we can even imagine. Here are some examples.