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We aim to be the world’s favorite solution provider

BASF Personal Care Solutions is an internationally leading supplier for the personal care industry. But that doesn’t mean we’re standing still. To live up to our ambition to be the leading solution provider in the global personal care industry, we continuously adjust and fine-tune our strategy to meet market needs in fast-changing times. Personal Care Solutions occupies a unique position within BASF, and we take a special approach, attuned to the unique needs of personal care manufacturers and the consumers they cater to.

Our ambition:
To be the leading solution provider in the global personal care industry

As an industry belonging to the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) category, personal care is shaped by major trends in society. The market is highly fragmented and competitive, with no single brand owning a market share of more than 10%. The end consumers it serves are well informed have limited brand loyalty. Our entire strategy is dedicated to partnering with personal care manufacturers in mastering this complex and challenging environment.

A central element of our strategy is to work with our customers to leverage the massive potential of global megatrends, with a special focus on three:

  • the expanding demand for consumer products as affluence grows in emerging economies,
  • the increasing demand for responsibly sourced and manufactured products as awareness of health and sustainability rises and
  • the growing demand for individualized products in digitally interconnected societies.

What it means for you
Expanding our capabilities to serve

The new Strategic orientation calls for a third pillar to stand on: Agility. To breathe life into this term, we will define and communicate what it means to us: responsiveness to fast-changing customer and consumer needs and fast, uncomplicated services.

3 core qualities


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Core Competencies

Innovation platforms

Active ingredients. Setting the stage for your success. These hubs of activity bring together interdisciplinary know-how from within BASF as well as from public and private research centers.

Core Competencies

All about sun

Leading sun care innovation 360 for solutions that people want – Our microsite is dedicated to sun protection. You can find everything worth knowing about sun and useful tips on how to stay safe in the sun. It explores UV filters, skin types, the light spectrum and solar radiation in more detail.

Core Competencies

All about skin

Being mindful of yourself, leaving your cares behind – there’s often too little place for these things in our hectic daily life. With a combination of nature, nutrition and healthy, sustainable cosmetics, a time-out has a direct, active benefit. Click through our little face care cosmos and learn interesting facts from the world of skin, skin care, trends and research.

Core Competencies

All about hair

Hair has a great influence on our well-being. Whether it's the right hairstyle, a cool beard or stunning eyelashes: hair decorates and makes us look good. Until today, hair also helps to protect our skin and our body. Hair care is part of the daily ritual. Washing, setting, blow-drying - the perfect hair is ready. Or maybe not? The question of the right hair care cannot be answered in a general way. It is rather individual.