Linda‘s story. Your product.

Our Natural Hair Conditioner Base.

Linda is worried about the environment and takes care where her personal care products come from.

Whenever she can she looks for products with official certification such as Cosmos. With straight, fine hair Linda is looking for a product that enhances compatibility but does not become heavy or build up on the hair.

Natural Hair Conditioner Base

Basic Chassis Formulation

Natural Hair Conditioner Base is built around the key ingredient Plantaquat® NC, an "all in one" solution for hair conditioners meeting the requirements of the Cosmos Standard for Natural Cosmetics. It also contains the light naturally derived oil Cetiol® C 5

Natural Hair Conditioner Base | HB-DE-11-092-130

Volume Booster

Additional Booster Formulation
Women around the world have different hair types, some are thick and wavy whilst others are thin and fine. For those with fine hair it is a real confidence boost to find a product that can make the hair feel fuller and more volumous either for a special occasion or just to have great hair day by day.

Our Volume Booster brings the luxury of Cashmere with Cashmilan® SPB LS 9846 in combination with Trichogen® VEG LS 8960 which is designed to improve hair strength, decrease hair loss, stimulate growth, improve scalp conditions, and to counteract hair-loss.

Volume Booster | HB-DE-18-027-038

Brilliance Booster

Additional Booster Formulation
Bright, glossy hair is seen as the ultimate sign of healthy hair. It can be seen as the indicator of a lack of damage and a uniform surface.

Our Brilliance Booster combines Almondermin® AF LS 8767,
 a mixture of high molecular weight heteropoly-saccharides from almond, marshmallow and flax with the low molecular weight wheat protein hydrolysate Gluadin® WLM. Almondermin® was found to improve the
 surface of treated hair whereas Gluadin® WLM has been shown to penetrate deeply into the hair and strengthen it from within. Together they were found to outperform market benchmarks for gloss boosting, even those containing

Brilliance Booster | HB-DE-18-027-090

Suppleness Booster

Additional Booster Formulation
Natural hair styles are in fashion for all different hair types, formality is forgotten and the look and feel of hair is soft and authentic.

Sometimes the hair needs a little help to be truely soft and supple.
Suppleness Booster is a two phase formulation which needs to be shaken before use. The oil phase combines community sourced Lipofructyl® Argan with the dry silicone alternative Cetiol® Ultimate whilst Gluadin® Kera-P LM is delivered via the water phase. Gluadin® Kera-P LM is able to quickly penetrate into the hair, repairing it from the inside. All ingredients are Cosmos approved.

Suppleness Booster | HB-DE-18-027-100

Anti-Pollution Booster

Additional Booster Formulation
We all have days when we have to go into the city but what does that do to our hair? Pollution particulates can deposit onto the hair‘s surface affecting the odour, the feel and even the long term condition of the hair.

Anti-Pollution Booster works to protect the hair from the damaging effects of pollution. Rambuvital® helps to keep the hair looking strong and healthy and is also able to reduce the negative hair odor caused by air pollution. All ingredients are approved by Cosmos Standard for Natural Cosmetics.

Anti-Pollution Booster | HB-DE-18-027-113a