Personalized Face Care

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Consumers at different ages have different needs and preferences from their cosmetic products.

We have designed 4 chassis formulations based upon age, texture and naturality to appeal to 4 different consumers groups. In addition, each chassis has two boosters which can be used to personalize the final application based upon customer needs at the time. It is also possible to mix and match both, the chassis and all 8 boosters coming finally to 32 possible combinations. Maybe even add a couple of different boosters to a chassis to achieve multiple effects.

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General use instructions:

1. Apply 2 full pumps of the emulsion dispenser (approx. 0.4-0.5g) on your hand.
2. Add 2 drops of booster (exception: Facial Firming Booster – add 4 drops) from the ampoule (approx. 0.05-0.06g) to the emulsion.
3. Mix emulsion and booster homogeneously and apply it on the face.

The booster should be added to the emulsion and not directly onto the skin!

Face Care Emulsion for Young Skin

What does Nina's young skin need? Certainly nothing too greasy or heavy but a cream that is light yet caring.
Face Care Emulsion for Young Skin has a very light and non-greasy texture. It has been formulated based upon ingredients with an excellent sensory profile.

Face Care Emulsion for Demanding Skin

Linda's skin is becoming more demanding as she reaches the mid-life years. It requires a more caring texture and more skincare benefits. The products should apply well and moisturise the skin as a given.

Face Care Emulsion for Demanding Skin  is richer with the right combination of high, medium and low spreading emollients leaving a prolonged care effect on the skin. It combines the ester Cetiol® C 5, the triglyceride Myritol® 312 and the shea butter Cetiol® SB 45.

Natural Face Care Emulsion for Mature Skin

As Andrea matures her skin is even more demanding as it becomes thinner, dryer, less firm, sometimes more sensitive and the first age spots can appear. Andrea now pays more attention to the ingredients in her cosmetic products. She wants to know where they come from, a natural or even organic source is preferred and certified cosmetics become her favorites. 

Daily Face Care Emulsion SPF 15

It is time for get out and enjoy the sun. Even if Aiden is just taking a short walk he knows to protect the skin against the harmful damage from the UV light. He prefers light textures and he does not want to feel the presence of the product on the face.