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Our Face Care Emulsion for Demanding Skin.

Linda's skin is becoming more demanding as she reaches the mid-life years. It requires a more caring texture and more skincare benefits. The products should apply well and moisturise the skin as a given.

Face Care Emulsion for Demanding Skin

Basic Chassis Formulation
Face Care Emulsion for Demanding Skin is richer with the right combination of high, medium and low spreading emollients leaving a prolonged care effect on the skin. It combines the ester Cetiol® C 5, the triglyceride Myritol® 312 and the shea butter Cetiol® SB 45.
It already contains an active ingredient, Hydrasensyl® Glucan which delivers a perfect moisturization. In addition it's 3D structure enhances the resistance of formulations to variations in pH, temperature or electrolyte load.

Face Care Emulsion for Demanding Skin | SC-DE-19-115-14

Our “3 Week Wonder” Booster

Additional Booster Formulation
Linda had had a really busy day when she spotted her first visible wrinkle on her face. It can be a real milestone in every women‘s life. Replexium™, the synergistic blend of two high performing peptides is the right choice to quickly counteract wrinkles.

These peptides increase the dermal density and visibly reduce three different types of wrinkles, on the forehead, crow´s feet around the eyes and the nasolabial folds. Replexium™’s fast-acting composition helps Linda stay stress free and reduce the signs of aging.

3 Week Wonder Booster | SC-DE-19-198-29

Rejuvenating Skin Booster

Additional Booster Formulation

Linda has noticed that as she gets older her skin loses it's tone and density due to changes in the elastic fibers and the presence of less non-crosslinked collagen.

Nephoria™, the extract of Rambutan leaves rejuvenates maturing skin with a Retinol like activity. It perfectly meets Linda´s expectation for an anti-aging effect by strengthening of the two dermis fibers collagen and elastin. This results in an improvement in skin elasticity and a reduction in the appearance of wrinkles.

Rejuvenating Skin Booster | SC-DE-19-198-11