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Actives Product Finder

PeptAIde® 4.0 BC10129

Naturally derived peptides that protect skin and hair against silent inflammation

Acute inflammation helps the body to heal and fight off infection. On the other hand, however, silent inflammation fights against healthy cells, causes disease, and accelerates the body’s degeneration. The effects of this long process are almost invisible in young people – but it gradually creates deep damage to the skin and hair. PeptAIde 4.0 is clinically proven to counteract the effects of silent inflammation. It is characterized by four multifunctional peptides which discovery had been made possible by the cutting-edge digital technology of Artificial Intelligence (AI). With the help of a controlled enzymatic hydrolysis process, these peptides were specifically excised from organic rice proteins. PeptAlde 4.0 is scientifically proven to prevent dry skin, discomfort and loss of firmness, while soothing sensitive scalp prone to dandruff.


Relieve your atopic prone skin

Atopic prone skin is a complex skin condition affecting consumers all around the world, impacting both their physical as well as their mental health. Castaline® is a multifunctional, mild solution to help calm atopic prone skin and to contribute to its visual improvement. It helps to support the skin’s natural physical, microbial and immune barriers in a three-defense-step action that has been demonstrated on a new, innovative 3D epidermis model, mimicking mild to moderate atopic prone skin. Castaline® helps to restore the skin's barrier function for a healthier looking and more comfortable skin.


Quickly rejuvenate the eye contour

The eye area is the first part of the body to reveal visible evidence of fatigue, stress, unhealthy lifestyle, and aging. Dark circles, crow’s feet and dull skin are widely perceived to be telltale signs. By leveraging the power of fucoidan, Seanactiv™ has a quick and positive effect on diminishing both signs of eye fatigue and aging of the eye area. Its action has been proven by in vitro and in vivo tests. Seanactiv™ contributes to the reduction of dark circles and helps to reduce wrinkles. The algae extract furthermore supports the improvement of the overall skin luminosity of the eye area.