Nina’s story. Your product.

Our Face Care Emulsion for Young Skin.

What does Nina’s young skin need? Certainly nothing too greasy or heavy but a cream that is light yet caring.

Face Care Emulsion for Young Skin

Basic Chassis Formulation

Face Care Emulsion for Young Skin has a very light and non-greasy texture. It has been formulated based upon ingredients with an excellent sensory profile. Cosmedia® SP provides the network for stable emulsions with
 a light feel, and Cetiol® C 5 and Cetiol® Ultimate are emollients with high spreading values that provide a light dry effect. Cosmedia® Gel CC gently mattifies and smooths the skin‘s

Face Care Emulsion for Young Skin | SC-DE-19-115-4b

Refine & Rebalance Booster

Additional Booster Formulation
Nina often suffers from oily skin and large pores which affect the quality of her skin‘s appearance and reduces her confidence. Bix’Activ™, the standardized extract from the Red Lip Tree (Bixa ornella) provides the solution: It helps to decrease sebum production and hyper- keratinization. It also inhibits the virulence of germs triggering inflammation, in particular the main responsible bacteria, Propionibacterium acnes.

As a result, the skin is mattified, imperfections are visibly reduced and pores are refined. With this, Nina can be confident.

Refine & Rebalance Booster | SC-DE-19-198-2

Soothing & Relaxing Booster

Additional Booster Formulation

When she is worried about her college work, Nina‘s skin becomes highly reactive and the potential for irritation increases.
Inolixir™ is based upon the chaga mushroom, a super-food known for it‘s health benefits that has both, traditional and modern uses. Naturally rich in polyphenols, Inolixir™ reinforces the protective system of the skin, the barrier function is stronger, the microvascular network is strengthened and the pro-inflammatory response is reduced.

Nina’s skin is soothed, with less redness and signs of stress. 

Soothing & Relaxing Booster | SC-DE-19-198-6a