Personalized Hair Care

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Consumers have different needs and preferences from their haircare products. 

We have designed 2 chassis formulations based upon, texture and naturality to appeal to different consumers groups. These can be combined with 4 boosters which can be used to personalize the final application based upon customer needs at the time. Each chassis can be combined with each booster, depending on the needs and the mood of the day. Finally, there are eight options for combinations of the chassis with the boosters.

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General use instructions:

1. Apply conditioner base onto your hands. Depending on the hair length use 8 -12 pumps (approx. 4 – 6 g).
2. Add 3 pumps of the booster to the conditioner base (approx. 0.4 g). Suppleness Booster: Shake well before use
3. Mix in hands and apply onto hair.
4. Leave for a few minutes before rinsing thoroughly.

The booster should be added to the emulsion and not directly onto the skin.

Conventional Hair Conditioner Base

What does Nina want from her hair care?
Nina's curly hair means that when she washes it she always needs to use a conditioner too. She needs something that will make her hair easy to comb when wet and dry. She does not want to spend a lot of money on this basic performance for an everyday product.

Natural Hair Conditioner Base

What does Linda want from her hair care?
Linda is worried about the environment and takes care where her personal care products come from. Whenever she can she looks for products with official certification such as Cosmos.
With straight, fine hair Linda is looking for a product that enhances combability but does not become heavy or build up on the hair.