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Our Natural Face Care Emulsion for Mature Skin.

As Andrea matures her skin is even more demanding as it becomes thinner, dryer, less firm, sometimes more sensitive and the first age spots can appear. Andrea now pays more attention to the ingredients in her cosmetic products. She wants to know where they come from, a natural or even organic source is preferred and certified cosmetics become her favorites.

Natural Face Care Emulsion for Mature Skin

Basic Chassis Formulation

Natural Face Care Emulsion for Mature Skin is designed for skin 50+ based on a combination of effective and strong emulsifiers with a great sensory: Emulgade® Sucro Plus and Eumulgin® SG. The emollients including enzymatically processed Cetiol® RLF and the shea butter Cetiol® SB 45 are responsible for a short and a long term care effect.
All ingredients are approved by COSMOS Standard for Natural and Organic Cosmetics.  

Natural Face Care Emulsion for Mature Skin | SC-DE-19-045-12

Genes, Wake-Up! Booster

Additional Booster Formulation
Andrea has recently noticed that her skin feels less dense and firm. She isn't sure if this is due to her age or external factors but she really wishes that she could reawaken the skin of her youth.

Majoram does not only wake up the olfactory sense and the taste - the bioactive Dermagenist™, an extract of majoram, helps to keep the genetic code legible and stimulates four crucial steps of collagen synthesis, resulting in improvement of the collagen network. Furthermore, it revitalizes fibroblasts by boosting intracellular actin fibers, providing skin density and firmness. Dermagenist™, as well as all other ingredients of this booster are approved by COSMOS Standard for Natural and Organic Cosmetics. 

Genes, Wake-Up! Booster | SC-DE-19-198-30

Facial Firming Booster

Additional Booster Formulation

Andrea is happy in her skin but she has noticed that it seems less firm over the last few years, particularly around the chin and neck.

RNAge™ is able to control the skin´s biomechanical properties through epigenetics. By fighting the natural chronological dysregulation of the miRNA Let–7b it restores the skin structure for a denser and firmer dermis. Facial contours are lifted for a push up effect.
Sea Buckthorn seeds contain flavonoid glucosides which are carefully extracted in RNAge™. All ingredients in the Facial Firming Booster are approved according to the COSMOS Standard for Natural and Organic Cosmetics.

Facial Firming Booster | SC-DE-19-198-26