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Our Daily Face Care Emulsion for everybody.

It is time for get out and enjoy the sun. Even if Aiden is just taking a short walk he knows to protect the skin against the harmful damage from the UV light. He prefers light textures and he does not want to feel the presence of the product on the face.

Natural Face Care Emulsion for Mature Skin

Basic Chassis Formulation
Daily Face Care Emulsion SPF 15 is formulated with Emulgade® Sucro Plus for an outstandingly soft sensory perception, stabilized with Cosmedia® SP, and Eumulgin® Prisma.
The UV filters Uvinul® A Plus, Uvinul® T 150 and Tinosorb® M cover successfully and efficiently the UVA and UVB range. The very high spreading emollients Cetiol® Sensoft and Cetiol® Ultimate take care of the light tactile properties of this emulsion.

Daily Face Care Emulsion SPF 15 | SC-DE-19-188-3

Urban Protection Booster

Additional Booster Formulation
The sun rays are not the only thing that concerns Aiden, he also worries about the impact of urban pollution on his skin when he is out working and socializing.  Arganyl® consists mainly of the highly effective titrated extract of sustainably sourced leaves of the Maroccan Argan tree.

It is a powerful water-soluble anti-oxidant specifically tested regarding the protection of skin cells against deleterious effects of pollutants such as particulate matter (PM2.5) and poly aromatic hydrocarbons (PHA). And it inhibits the degradation of collagens by MMPs released under UV exposure.

Arganyl® is the perfect ally to improve Aiden’s skin defense.

Urban Protection Booster | SC-DE-19-188-D

Digital Detox Booster

Additional Booster Formulation

If Aiden is not out in the sun, he can be found working or chatting using his smart phone, laptop or other devices which emit blue light. These rays are also part of natural sunlight and reach deep skin layers causing oxidative stress.

Ciste’M® is an extract of Rockrose, the Vegetal Phoenix to rescue urban skin from multi-light exposure. It helps to protect the skin from outdoor and indoor aging accelerators such as UV light, Blue Light and pollution. Ciste’M® accelerates skin recovery and epidermal renewal, helps to reduce wrinkles and reduces the appearance of fine lines.

Aiden can use his devices without stress or worry about potential skin damage.

Digital Detox Booster | SC-DE-19-188-F