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The desire for the positive

Beauty comes from within. A saying that has been tried and tested many times, but is still true. Anyone who feels comfortable and happy also exudes this. Their appearance is different, more positive.

When you look at the media, the various blogs, the countless influencer stories or even when shopping with all the product promises, you become aware how great external influences are on you on a daily basis. It seems impossible not to lose oneself and to focus on each person's uniqueness.

Ideals are designed and norms created. But do these also reflect the normal Otto consumer? Does everyone really have to fit into the scheme of Leonardo da Vinci's Vitruvian people, the symbol for symmetry, beauty and body awareness par excellence? Until a few years ago the answer would probably have been a resounding YES. The specifications were made by the manufacturers and the end users found it convenient to have someone else attend to their needs. 

But the interaction between consumers and manufacturers has changed almost fundamentally in recent years. People do not want to be served from a target group drawer, but rather to be perceived as an individual. Now it's more of an interplay. Wishes, needs and preferences are taken into account and offered. Personalization, individualization and inclusive beauty have turned from trends to the norm. Customers accept this with gratitude.

People are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.

Abraham Lincoln, 1809-1856

16th President of the United States of America

Why do we write about it in our little Skin Care Kosmos? Because it's not just the cosmetics and beauty industry that can make people shine. Everyone can make themselves shine. Live doing what makes you happy. 

We have already presented the Hygge concept, the Danish method to happiness, in another article. But of course, there are numerous other, different lifestyle concepts, attitudes to life and approaches that can help each individual to be more happy, content and also healthier. Many of these approaches focus on "I". Take care of yourself, do something good for yourself. Do whatever you like.

Everything has its time. And a lot of things are coming back.

While the Danes have their Hygge, the Swedes live well and happily according to the Lagom principle. Have the right amount of everything, not too much, but not too little either. Lagom is the Scandinavian way of life for all situations and places priority on the essential things in life. You try to find the right balance, live a balanced life and savor your inner happiness. There is no longing for the famous "always something more". This way of life and this approach to life can also achieve satisfaction and happiness. So it's no wonder that the Scandinavian countries are regularly at the top of the happiness atlas. 

Ayurveda has been on the rise again in recent years. This knowledge of life, which is more than 5,000 years old, looks at people and beauty in a very individual way. Ayurveda offers a holistic approach. The aim is to bring body and mind into a dynamic balance. A lack of this balance represents illness and problems.

Anyone who deals with Ayurveda will find that this is not a pure healing method for health problems. Rather, the Ayurvedic principle means an overall view of one's own life. Specific tips for shaping life mean a combination of nutrition, relaxation, exercise, body and health care and the general way of life. Adapted to personal and individual needs, Ayurveda ensures your own well-being. Regularities and rituals play a major role, as do great respect and appreciation for the forces of nature.

Beauty care is also an important aspect in Ayurveda. The Sanskrit Saundarya is synonymous with beauty, grace, elegance, charm and splendor. Special attention is paid to facial care. The combination of steam baths, face masks, cleansing, peelings and massages addresses the needs of your own skin. Made from plant extracts, herbs, spices and oils, Ayurvedic cosmetics have an impact on the health of the skin. Healthy skin as a mirror of a healthy soul. Also important here is: Do whatever you like. Do what is good for you.

There are many other ways to make yourself shine. Doing something good for yourself is much easier than you might think. Discover and experience this new desire for positive things. It will look good on your face.

Slowing it all down…

“Slowing down” once in a while with mindful application of skin treatments can be one simple way to contribute to physical and mental health, essential to compensate for our busy daily lives.

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