Skin-to-Soul Care

Slowing it all down…

“Slowing down” once in a while with mindful application of skin treatments can be one simple way to contribute to physical and mental health, essential to compensate for our busy daily lives.

Intensify the emotional experience of your skin care applications based on Cream-to-Oil technology and transform your skin care routine into exceptional and long-lasting well-being moments for both, your SKIN and your SOUL. Reveal our next generation Cream-to-Oil formulary providing various new applications and concept proposals from extra care, enhanced sun protection to new sensorial dimensions of natural, COSMOS conform cosmetics.

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Skin-to-Soul Care img-teaser-concept-skin-to-soul-care-fast

Fast oil release

Quick and intense care – Surprise your skin and soul

Skin-to-Soul Care img-teaser-concept-skin-to-soul-care-late

Late oil release

Decelerate your mind – Time-out for your skin and soul