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Trends & research

Emotions play a big part. Desires and needs as well. But trends and innovations also belong in the skin world. When looking to the future, a look back into history cannot be missing.

Skin pH: It needs to be mildly acidic

When buying new skincare products, it is important to make sure the cream, lotion, etc. has the right hydrogen ion concentration. Sounds complicated? Never heard of it before? You definitely have, because we’re actually talking about pH.

Dermocosmetics – more than a trend

There is a wide range of products in the cosmetics world. Many trends are conquering the market, with consumer wishes and needs constantly growing. The same goes for the challenges faced by formulators and manufacturers. Dermocosmetics is a very strong trend. And the inspiration comes from the interaction with medicine.

Silicones: Alternatives needed

Silicones have long been essential in providing the sensory qualities in cosmetic care products. This has now changed because it had to.

A benefit of doing without water

For a long time now, the focus in the cosmetics industry has not been restricted to just how a product performs. Manufacturers and producers are looking at the bigger picture. In this area, BASF is a trailblazer and pioneer — especially when it comes to water.

Laughing is healthy

If someone says you should do more exercise to look fitter, younger and healthier, wouldn't you immediately think of areas like legs, bum and tum? Likely everyone does. When you're thinking about your inner balance, yoga springs to mind. Exercise and workouts for your face? Not so often.

Even for polymers: being organic makes all the difference

When talking about plastic and synthetic materials, there is no avoiding the topics of sustainability and environmental protection. This applies equally in the cosmetics industry. Sustainability is more important to consumers than ever. But it’s important to know that not all plastics are equal.

COVID-19: A crisis raises awareness

Coronavirus, COVID-19, pandemic. The virus has not just kept the whole world guessing. It has also changed the world. COVID-19 has left its mark on cosmetics and personal care as well. Some trends are in fact positive. Positive meaning good, not positive meaning an infection.

Skin health above the rooftops in the city

Why do I need to protect my skin? Consumers keep wondering about more and more issues and expect to receive clear answers and solutions. Our approach offers solutions before the questions even arise. For our customers and for consumers.

The desire for the positive

Beauty comes from within. A saying that has been tried and tested many times, but is still true. Anyone who feels comfortable and happy also exudes this. Their appearance is different, more positive.

600x500 Pillow Talk - Verteilung des Testprodukts

The crux of feelings

What does your voice and the muscles in your face have to do with what you feel when using face care products? We'll let you know.

A long history of cosmetics

You might think that cosmetics were only invented in the last 100 years. Actually, they have been around almost just about as long as human beings have existed.

Hygge: The Danish concept of happiness

The "Hygge" phenomenon is seeing a surge of interest outside of Denmark. And it's much more than just creating a warm atmosphere by burning candles during the long and dark winter season.