A highly sustainable & innovative anionic surfactant

Solutions with SFA Product Line

SFA product range brings solutions to design the next generation of rinse-off products. This product line is based on an innovative and sustainable anionic surfactant, the Disodium 2-Sulfolaurate (SFA). SFA is available in a wide range of formats, allowing formulators to develop liquid rinse-off as well as solid products in a sustainable way while enjoying its unique sensory and dense and creamy foam.

The versatility and high mildness of this surfactant range make it perfectly suitable to be used in unlimited rinse-off applications such as shower gel, oral care applications and baby care products. This sulfate-surfactant alternative product range is easy to formulate and can be used as a micellar thickening agent in liquid formulas and delivers a high conditioning performance on hair when formulated in liquid or solid shampoos.

  • Anionic surfactant of 100% natural origin content1
  • RSPO Mass Balance certified sustainable
  • Readily biodegradable
  • Low ecotoxicity
  • Suitable for solutions not based on EO
  • Suitable for COSMOS (V.4)2 & NATRUE
1 According to ISO16128 standard
2 Suitable to the requirements of COSMOS V.4 entering into force in 2023

Overview of the SFA product range

Texapon® SFA

A naturally derived, anionic surfactant for ultra-mild, even tear-free rinse-off formulations


Texapon® SFA UP Powder

A natural, innovative, very mild anionic surfactant suitable for solid, zero waste rinse-off products


Plantapon® SFA

Natural, very mild and easy-to-handle surfactant blend for liquid rinse-off applications


Dehyton® SFA

Very mild, easy-to-handle surfactant blend for liquid rinse-off products


The SFA Formulator

Sustainable & performing liquid rinse-off formulations based on SFA surfactants

Content: SFA/CAPB/APG combinations

USP: Virtual formulation prototyping Easy-to-use digital self-service

  • Easy-to-use
  • Digital self-service
Explore the SFA Formulator

The Surfactant Navigator

Flexible Surfactant Mixture Designer

Content: Over 800 surfactant mixtures, prediction models

USP: Surfactant selector based on performance & sustainable solutions to over 50 benchmarks and mixtures

  • Accelerate rinse-off
  • Formulation design
Explore the Surfactant Navigator