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The Surfactant Navigator

Master high performance sustainable surfactant solutions

Sustainability and digitalization are driving the beauty industry towards ecofriendly personal care solutions.

Therefore, brands would often like to replace their current surfactant combinations through natural surfactants without compromise in performance.

Current surfactant search options include exploring portfolios of different suppliers’ resulting in non-standardized & incomparable information.

Consecutively time and resource intensive experiments (e.g. HTS*) may be performed with no guarantee of finding the optimum solution.

To overcome these challenges, our Surfactant Navigator enables brands to accelerate their solutions with high flexibility to meet consumers needs for sustainable innovation.

Get instantly access to recommendations from BASF’s new surfactant based digital service to accelerate formulation work.

Take advantage of systematic experiments and modelling algorithms for surfactants.

You choose your main priorities; and the digital service will give you the right solution.

Design your sustainable future!

Surfactant Finder

Fine-tune your surfactant search by adjusting the easy-to-use filters

All the data at your fingertips. No more searches on the Internet or through catalogs. Get a comprehensive overview of our complete surfactant portfolio. Including smart filters that help the search for physicochemical parameters like cleansing, foam, thickening, creaminess, etc. Additionally, you can search for more naturalness** and select non sulfated and non EO-based surfactants.

The digital service is available from March 22

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Smart Surfactant Replacement

Obtain high performance solutions to replace several non-BASF surfactants

Based on physico-chemical, sensorial and thickening properties, you will get the best sustainable replacement solution for the surfactant that you would like to exchange. E.g. Isethionates, Taurates, SLES, Olefin Sulfonate, Sarcosinate, Methyl Sulfolaurate among others and their combination.

Select a non-BASF surfactant or non-BASF surfactant combination to replace and obtain several smart natural-based BASF solution matches.

  • Top 50 high performance solutions are available immediately
  • You can play with the digital service to try different options and learn which combinations are possible; e.g. viewing alternatives to further surfactant and surfactant mixtures
  • Compare solutions with any customized surfactant
  • You can include several criteria in your filter; e.g. naturalness**, non EO-based and non sulfated surfactants

Smart Surfactant Optimizer

Try our innovative solutions combining natural-based BASF and non-BASF surfactants to optimize your formulation

You formulate with a specific non-BASF surfactant (e.g. Taurate) and are seeking to increase the natural content of your formulation.

Try our natural-based BASF specialty surfactant solutions, that when added to the non-BASF surfactant could result in performance optimization, e.g. better foaming or increased naturalness**, among others.

Increase the naturalness** content in your formulation with this digital service, while maintaining your specific non-BASF surfactant choice.

*High-Throughput Screening

**Naturalness based on renewable carbon content: renewable carbon content % = Number of natural carbon atoms / Total number of carbon atoms (natural and non-natural) X 100

The SFA Formulator

Sustainable & performing liquid rinse-off formulations based on SFA surfactants

Content: SFA/CAPB/APG combinations

USP: Virtual formulation prototyping Easy-to-use digital self-service

  • Easy-to-use
  • Digital self-service