The new star lineup of biopolymers in personal care

Our biopolymer line Verdessence®

With rising transparency in the personal care industry and broader access to information, consumers are becoming increasingly empowered and ask even more for proven sustainability in their products.

At the same time, pressure in the marketplace is also increasing as biodegradability and sustainability of polymers is at the center of discussion by regulators and consumers alike.

These are just some of the reasons why at BASF we have set ourselves a clear goal of building a holistic product range of biopolymer ingredients for leave-on and rinse-off products.

With our new Verdessence® product line, our commitment to sustainability brings you those biopolymer solutions for personal care, in line with the latest trends and designed to help you create even the most demanding cosmetic applications.



Verdessence® brings to you

  • Biodegradable and biobased solutions
  • Innovative production processes that allow us to offer you the highest performing ingredients
  • Products made from renewable feedstock
  • Green manufacturing processes

Let’s talk about how Verdessence® can help you to winning in a challenging market that is increasingly calling for sustainable solutions.

Check out the Webex recording (English version).

Concept & Trends

Unlock the power of Verdessence®

Formulating the future with biopolymers​. A new concept to help formulators tackle the challenges of using biopolymers. We've enhanced our biopolymer lineup with scientific guidance and practical tips to make your formulation process easier and more effective.


Verdessence® Glucomannan

Verdessence® Glucomannan is a natural, cold processable rheology modifier, obtained from the tuber of the Konjac plant.

Verdessence img-teaser-product-verdessence-ricetouch

Verdessence® RiceTouch

Verdessence® RiceTouch is a plant-based sensory powder with small particle size providing powdery light and smooth skin-feel, ideal for matte-type cosmetics. It is perfectly suitable for natural and organic cosmetics.


Verdessence® Alginate

Verdessence® Alginate, based on algae is a versatile rheology modifier, sensory enhancer and setting biopolymer.

Verdessence img-teaser-verdessence-xanthan

Verdessence® Xanthan

Verdessence® Xanthan is suitable for a wide spectrum of personal care products – even crystal clear solutions.

Verdessence img-teaser-verdessence-tara

Verdessence® Tara

100% plant based rheology modifier that enables to create smooth and shapely textures.