Unlock the power of Verdessence®

Formulating the future with biopolymers​

In the world of personal care, natural biopolymers stand out as promising rheology modifiers for a variety of applications. They possess the ideal sustainability profile to satisfy today’s consumers. At the same time, these biopolymers present a unique challenge for cosmetic formulations developers, demanding a specialized approach unlike synthetic alternatives.

Unlock the power of Verdessence® – formulating the future with biopolymers​“ is a new concept to help formulators tackle the challenges of using our biopolymers. We’ve enhanced our biopolymer lineup with scientific guidance and practical tips to make your formulation process easier and more effective.

Verdessence® Aqueous system

Face serums, hydrogels, face masks and mists are well-known cosmetic formats where the need for thickening, texturizing and sensory qualities are very crucial. While individual biopolymers are not always provided both effective thickening and desirable texture simultaneously, combining different biopolymers can help create formulations that meet high-performance standards and deliver the desired product performance.