• Responsible Sourcing Report

    For the first time, BASF’s Care Chemicals division is publishing a Responsible Sourcing Report which shows our progress with raw materials such as palm, castor and coconut. The results are impressive – and are proof of our cross-business, holistic approach “Care360° – Solutions for sustainable life”.

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  • News & Media

    BASF, The Estée Lauder Companies, RSPO and Solidaridad support Enhanced Sustainable Palm Oil Production in Lampung, Indonesia

  • News & Media

    For the first time, BASF’s Care Chemicals division is publishing a Responsible Sourcing Report which shows our progress with raw materials such as palm, castor and coconut.

  • Concepts & Solutions

    Menopause marks a turning point in a woman’s life. How can we, at BASF, address the needs of this stage?

  • Product Highlight

    Lengthening your UV protection with a new skin sensory enhancer Tinomax™ CC. Functionalized natural-based particle that brings sensory enhancement due to particle shaping.

  • Product Highlight

    Emulgade® Verde 10 MS is versatile green emulsifier based on 100% renewable feedstocks and manufactured under environmentally friendly solvent-free process.

  • Product Highlight

    A special lipid fraction of the natural Shea butter directly sourced from women´s groups program and characterized by a higher melting range.

  • Product Highlight

    The innovative styling polymer Luvimer® Forte, provides excellent performance in strong hold and also offers a very long lasting styling. It also has protection properties which provides UV and heat protection in formulations.

  • Product Highlight

    Extract of rosebay willowherb for flawless skin, embedded in our Responsibly Active Program.

  • Sustainability

    We have defined clear commitments, goals, and action plans to guide us along our journey towards consistent sustainability along the entire botanical value chain. Find out about the status of our Responsibly Active program and the progress we made in 2022.

  • Concepts & Solutions img-home-teaser-SFA-Product-Line

    This product line is based on an innovative and sustainable anionic surfactant, the Disodium 2-Sulfolaurate (SFA).

  • Live Events home_teaser_incos

    Connecting with the future of beauty. Get inspired by our formulation concept, featuring remarkable formats and textures, developed forsustainable mindsets.

  • New & Focused Products home_teaser_Cosmedia

    An effective thickening agent with texturizing properties designed for emulsion preparations and different surfactant systems. Due to its nonionic nature, it offers multifunctional benefits in diverse applications including styling and in sun care formulations as well.

  • New & Focused Products home_teaser_verdessence-ricetouch

    A plant-based sensory powder with small particle size providing powdery light and smooth skin-feel, ideal for matte-type cosmetics. It is perfectly suitable for natural and organic cosmetics.

  • Sustainability

    The new star lineup of biopolymers in personal care.

  • Sustainability

    In order to protect our planet and its resources while making an active contribution to each individual along our bioactive ingredients value chain, we are aligning our actions towards more sustainable practices.

  • Suncare

    Environmental Evaluation of Sunscreen Products. The potential negative impacts sunscreens may have on the environment are increasingly being discussed. EcoSun Pass by BASF evaluates the environmental impact of UVfilters.

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