Water-conscious Skin Care Solutions for

Sustainable Lifestyles

Whether for drinking, washing or irrigating crops, clean freshwater is a precious resource for all of humankind. Growing awareness of the need for more sustainable solutions puts a spotlight on water and the UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) of ensuring access to clean water. Traditionally, personal care products have contained large proportions of water – many shampoos comprise up to 95% water while skincare products contain between 60% and 85%. The growing waterless cosmetics trend is changing all this.

Reducing the amount of water used in products not only saves freshwater resources, but also cuts down on packaging and weight and volume. This results in less plastic usage and lower CO2 emissions.

To help you serve the increasing consumer demand for water-conscious products, BASF has developed an array of high-performance reduced-water solutions. These include products that support transformation into emulsions as well as ingredients for solid product formulations.

Talk with our experts about how you can take advantage of our water-conscious concepts to enhance the sustainability of your operations and profit from the waterless cosmetics trend.

We want you to discover new formats of waterless and/or less-water formulations

Transforming (into) emulsions

New generation of waterless/ less water skin care formulations:

  • easily transforming into o/w emulsion system
  • sensory properties of o/w emulsions
  • convenient handling

Planet – friendly

  • based on natural-derived and/or biobased ingredients*
  • due to lighter weight and small product size has lower impact on environmental footprint**
  • supports reusable packaging, less plastic or plastic free options

Convenience & Personalisation

  • freedom to customize the product
  • use whenever you want

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