The Personal Care Elements

Seeking the essence of personal care – A journey through the elements

More than ever, people want personal care products that deliver healthy looking skin and hair. Products that protect skin and beautify hair are in demand. Health conscious consumers are looking for care that touches their heartfelt needs within the 4 Elements.

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Emulsion for Oily Skin

Beautify your skin

Oily and impure skin can affect most people sometime in life. The oily greasy shine and the spots, e.g. comedones (blackheads), involved can be emotionally distressing, as they affect the appearance of the skin.

Mindfulness “Cream-to-Oil”

De-stress your body

Mindfulness is a state of consciousness and active attention to the present moment, and to focus on our state of well-being and balance. It helps us to maintain control and keeps us aware of our lives.

Men’s Scalp Care Shampoo

Save your scalp

Many shampoos can be harsh to men’s scalps and cause redness, tautness, itching and even dandruff. Modern men expect more from shampoo than just cleansing, they also expect extra mildness and scalp protection.

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Dry Skin Emollient Stick

Maintain the skin barrier

During the cold winter season and harsh weather conditions or when getting older, skin becomes more dry, irritated or even cracked and needs more care and protection.

All Rays UV Protection SPF 50

Shield your Skin

All Rays UV Protection SPF 50 combines high performance in protection against UV and beyond, with an elegant soft touch. It offers a pleasing silky feel, despite the high UV protection and water resistance.

Oil Shower Gel

Cleanse and care for your skin

Thorough but gentle body cleansing, combined with an easy and delightfully soft foam application for an enjoyable daily routine.

Protecting Anti-Pollution Matrix SPF 10

Defend your skin

Pollutants and other air-borne particulate matter originate from a number of sources, which include both anthropogenic, e.g. combustion fuel and industry emissions, and/or natural origin, e.g. dust or sand storms.

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Anti-Pollution Styling Mousse

Protect your style

Today's styling mousses have to fulfil many requirements. In addition to creating and holding the desired style, consumers also want their hair to look healthy and be protected.

Protective Conditioning Shampoo

Clean your hair in the mildest way

The use of alternative surfactant systems in shampoos is increasing across Europe. Such formulations can offer excellent mildness, but conditioning performance and foam behaviour remain a challenge. Consumers can immediately feel the differences in a shampoo´s performance on their hair.

Gentle Toothpaste Gel

Clean and maintain your smile

Consumers expect more from their toothpastes than just a clean mouthfeel and fresh breath. To satisfy their needs, a perceivable clean mouthfeel must be accompanied by gentle foaming action, and the cleansing procedure itself should be gentle to the mouth, especially for those with sensitive gums and teeth.