Sustainable solutions to volatile silicones

For clean and appealing cosmetics that speak to the Clean Beauty trend

Today’s consumers want excellent performance and sensorial properties coupled with a clean conscience. Rather than search through ingredient lists, people look for ecolabels that show at a glance that products are manufactured using more sustainable, ethical and socially responsible processes and ingredients – Clean Beauty, pure and simple. They want the feel-good experience of personal care to leave them feeling good about the environment.

Increasing regulatory restrictions on silicones have further added this trend – and left many formulators facing challenges. EU will no longer allow widely used cyclosiloxanes D4, D5 and D6 in personal care products. D6 is also under discussion. Even those silicones that are not subject to restrictions prevent the use of ecolabels. That’s why BASF Personal Care has developed an array of sustainable silicone alternatives that enable you to create products with appealing performance and sensory profiles.

Emollients – essential ingredients in our cosmetics

The functions of emollients in cosmetics include:

  • Shielding the skin with a protective layer
  • Keeping the skin moisturized
  • Solubilizing lipophilic active ingredients
  • Solubilizing crystalline UV filters
  • Dispersing pigments
  • Acting as solubilizing agents in makeup removers

They play an important role in creating the right skin feel to appeal to consumers. As each emollient has its own sensory behavior, they enable you to deliver a unique skin feel. The faster an emollient spreads, the lighter it usually feels.

Our sustainable silicone alternatives and formulation concepts cover not only skincare, but also color cosmetics – a product category that has posed special challenges for alternative solutions up to now. Currently, only 4% of face color cosmetics in Europe can claim to be silicone free. Take advantage of our innovative silicone alternative expertise – and profit from the Clean Beauty trend.

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Silicone alternatives img-teaser-concept-sustainable-solutions-silicones-cetiol-c-5

Cetiol® C 5

A sensory alternative to Cyclomethicone

Silicone alternatives img-teaser-concept-sustainable-solutions-silicones-cetiol-rlf

Cetiol® RLF

Mild for sensitive skin and the environment

Silicone alternatives img-teaser-concept-sustainable-solutions-silicones-cetiol-rlf

Cetiol® OE

Flexible wax-dry emollient for skin and hair

Silicone alternatives img-teaser-concept-sustainable-solutions-silicones-cetiol-cc

Cetiol® CC

The multifunctional dry emollient