Sensory and emotional power for your products

Distinctive personalities, distinctive sensory experiences

Our twofold focus on market empathy and science excellence continues to open up insights into people, their psychology and the types of products that speak to their wishes. We have looked into the personal care market in terms of six distinct target groups, or archetypes, with a special focus on the sensory experiences they each respond to emotionally: Energetic, Perfect, Professional, Protected, Authentic, Creative. Getting to know these archetypes in depth offers inspiration for products that match their needs and wishes.

Senses make sense

Since sensory experiences are at the heart of our emotional responsiveness, it makes good sense to enhance the sensory profile of a personal care product in line with the needs and wishes of the target group. By activating the senses of smell, touch, sight and even hearing, we can create products that win a special place in consumers’ hearts. The archetypes give us valuable clues about which multisensory experiences are right for a given target group.

In the following stories, we look at a group of fascinating and beautiful women corresponding to different archetypes. We join them as they move through the world, each experiencing her surroundings in her own distinctive way – sensorially and emotionally.