Every ingredient has its story.

Be part of the journey: from sustainable farming practice to the next popular super fruit.

Doing something good for our planet while taking care of ourself. To answer the eco-responsible aspiration of today’s consumers we explored the Rambutan tree for the holistic use of this resource in cosmetics. We follow strict sustainability principles, resource conservation, support local population and partners to design a new socially and environmentally responsible supply chain.

The beauty secret from the Vietnamese gardens

Take part in our wonderful journey. The south eastern Vietnamese province of Đồng Nai is ideal for the cultivation of a delicious and refreshing fruit: Rambutan. This tropical fruit is also called hairy lychee* because of its long orange "eyelashes" with green tips.

Moderately sweet, similar to lychee and somewhat floral, the fruits are, from a nutritional standpoint, a good source of natural sugars, potassium, calcium and magnesium.

To obtain premium quality fruit, we created the 1st organic certified Rambutan gardens in Vietnam.

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