Inspiring Textures

Irresistible Skincare Products

Driven by important market trends such as living new experiences, or going back to essentials, BASF Personal Care introduces Inspiring Textures that will enable you to fulfill today’s consumers’ innermost wishes with exciting textures evoking really cool skin sensations.

Take advantage of our proven expertise in differentiated formulation design with appealing sensorial benefits substantiated by our trained expert panel. Discover our Inspiring Textures creations based on our broad portfolio of ingredients and innovative technologies.

Let’s talk about what Inspiring Textures can do for you.

Formulation Examples

Slim my Body

Transforming Gel-Cream-to-Oil

Appearances are everything!
Remodel your body into the one you’ve always dreamed of with a gel-cream texture that transforms into an elegant and slimming oil film that prolongs the massage playtime.

Formulation SC-FR-14-002-B014

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Like my Pillow

Bounce-Back Cream, Fresh-to-Silky

Stay young and free!
Have no fear ... take risks ... experience new things ... anything can happen with radiant and youthful skin enhanced by a light, silky, and smooth cream. Enjoy the fun feeling of the intelligent and flexible texture, with a bounce-back effect reminiscent of a memory foam pillow.

Formulation SC-FR-15-002-C010

Delight Me


True beauty is about simplicity and being your natural self!
A touch of butter is all you need to enjoy velvety and powdery skin. Extraordinarily basic.

Formulation SC-FR-14-010-A015

Surprise my Body

Transforming SWOP™ Gel-Butter, Fresh-to-Caring

In order to seduce others, start by seducing yourself!
Surprise your body with a transforming, luxurious, and unique body gel-butter. Enjoy a fresh and silky skin-feel that will transform into a caring sensation, giving you all the assurance you need.

Formulation SC-DE-15-128-6

Cooling Energy

Cream-Gel, Fresh-to-Velvety

Men can have healthy and tonic skin whilst simultaneously enjoying a cooling effect!
A refreshing cream-gel is ideal for quick absorption and for ensuring a non-sticky, nourished and velvety skin-feel.

Formulation SC-DE-15-114-31