Pioneer in urban hair care evolution

Vehicle exhaust, industrial emissions, dust particles – pollution is a growing global concern. Levels of emissions are rising in many countries, especially across the Asia-Pacific region, and awareness is growing on a worldwide scale. Worries about the effects of pollution on the hair and skin are also increasing.

A recent survey by the market research company Mintel, for example, found that 63% of adults in the UK feel that the stresses modern life, including pollution, are damaging their skin. In China, Mintel determined that 55% of consumers want to know more about how to protect themselves from pollution. And the Korean e-commerce company revealed that 75% of Korean customers had bought a product to protect against fine dust particles.

In response, BASF Personal Care has developed the concept Hairmony, a threefold approach to hair protection.

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Preventive Purity


In FiberSeal, you have a solution for hair-care products that seal hair cuticle with carbon-like fiber. FiberSeal technology creates an eco-barrier, preventing pollutants from adhering to the hair surface and penetrating the hair structure.

“Purity is a status. nature born.
We don’t fight for it”

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Restorative Health


By empowering hair from its inner core, Se-Kerafice technology helps hair maintain and restore its original protein. It fuels keratins and acts as a second protective layer.

“Hair life lies in protein,
sustaining and restoring”

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The Oxy-Resis system stabilizes the squalene level of the scalp by tuning squalene sensitivity to the environment. As a result, it decreases oxidation and MDA production.

“Tuning, balancing”