Solutions for oxidation problems

Reasons for using antioxidants

  • Oxygen is all around us
  • Compounds can oxidize during mixing, processing, storage
  • Fat and oil derived ingredients are sensitive to oxidation, especially if unsaturated fatty components are present
  • Many fragrance compounds oxidize very easily


Almost all fragrances, many formulations containing oils, fats or waxes need antioxidants to ensure sufficient stability


Tinogard® TT

  • High performance antioxidant
  • Non-yellowing
  • Ideal for oils, fats and fragrances in lipophilic environment

Tinogard® TS

  • Most compatible antioxidant for nonionic surfactant formulations
  • Non-yellowing

Tinogard® DA

  • Shows synergistic performance with phenolic antioxidants
  • Inactivates peroxide-species formed during oxidation (non-radical mechanism)
  • Soluble in many oils, solubilizers and fragrances