Asian Wisdom

for Wellbeing and Healthy Skin

The Far East: for thousands of years, Asia has been an endless source of fascination, discoveries and new thinking. From ancient times up to the renaissance, the fabled Silk Road brought tea, spices, fine silk cloth and other riches westward. But the trade route also introduced inventions like paper, philosophical ideas and Buddhist thought to Europe. Even the noodle, the quintessence of Italian cooking, originated in Asia.

Today, the rich cultures of Asia continue to inspire western lifestyles. The immense popularity of Asian cuisines, Korean “K-pop” music or the computer game Pokémon go are just a few examples.

The influence of Asia is also driving trends in wellness and beauty. The serenity, aesthetic refinement and ancient wisdom of Asian cultures hold great appeal on a worldwide scale. Personal care products that enhance wellbeing, nurture the skin and offer a moment of inner peace and pampering have a very bright future.

To support you in serving this growing market segment, BASF Personal Carehas developed the concept Asian Wisdom. It includes four different formulations that speak to the specific needs, interests and wishes of the target group.

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This Asian beauty routine begins with a double deep cleansing: Oil-based and water-based cleansers for removing impurities with different types of solubility. Also exfoliators are a part of cleansing and used to complete purification. They remove dead cells and deeply cleanse skin pores for resurfacing and increase of radiance.


Eastern philosophy holds that without balance everything will be fragmented and residual. For the skin’s health, balance is necessary too. We should care about our skin microbiota and pH level, and restore the skin barrier for a perfect harmony between our skin and lifestyle.


Asian skin care products often target specific concerns for each skin type and area, because it is better to prevent or solve skin’s problems instead concealing it with a make-up. The right selection of ingredients and caring products will allow to have good skin days only!


To maintain healthy skin conditions and a harmonious appearance, it is necessary to protect the microbiota and cutaneous constituents from aggressive factors such as pollution, climate, UV-exposure and unhealthy lifestyle. With BASF’s active ingredients and UV-filters, skin beauty will be protected against extrinsic aging and skin impairment.