Anti-adhesion / Removability

Consumer profile:

20 years old 

  • As a fashion model, she is often exposed to indoor and outdoor pollution
  • She is conscious about her look for camera-readiness
  • Seeks for something fast and easy to stay fresh through the day

Nothing sticks, no fuss rinse-off


  • Anti-Pollution: anti-adhesion, improved removability
  • Helps to maintain the balance of the healthy skin microbiome



  • In vivo study on the anti-adhesion and removability of particulate matter 



  • Combines the translucent appearance and the fresh sensation of a hydrogel with caring and protecting attributes of an emulsion
  • Not sticky with light, fast absorbing and silky sensory properties


Significant decrease of pollutant adhesion of SC-DE-18-117-2 compared to Benchmark
Improvement of the removability of the pollutants from the skin for SC-DE-18-117-2 compared to Benchmark