Beyond Beauty
Let’s unlock the future of Personal Care

We at BASF Personal Care aim to take an active role in enabling solutions that contribute to a more sustainable future. We want to go beyond what has been possible, collaborating to offer an even more transparent and comprehensive approach to beauty. Not only are we combining cutting-edge technologies with scientific evidence, we also care about a transition to more sustainable, ethical and ecologically conscious solutions.


Beyond Beauty

Beauty of tomorrow goes beyond color, shape and forms. It will be the expression of a holistic, responsible and transparent approach to consumption and life.

Let’s unlock the future of Personal Care together


Beyond Beauty is our commitment to empower customers with the right solutions to unlock new opportunities in a transforming Personal Care market – backed by digital services, and in line with consumers’ values and priorities.

Let’s unlock the future of Personal Care
with our latest highlight solutions contributing to a more sustainable life.

Unlock the World of Shine

Explore the Power of Pearlizers & Opacifiers

Our new evaluation brings formulation development to a next level and reveals an amazing world of shine.

Natural-based Emulsifier

Empower natural and sustainable skin care solutions.

Experience Emulgade® Verde 10 MS, our green, versatile O/W emulsifier, derived from 100% renewable-based feedstocks, respecting the principles of environmentally-friendly green chemistry.

Unlock the power of Verdessence®

Formulating the future with biopolymers​.

Scientific guidance and practical tips to make the development of sustainable formulations with our biopolymers easier and more effective.

Sustainable Alternatives to Silicones

Enabling dimethicone sensory alternatives.

Embraced by scientific modelling and complemented by formulation expertise. A holistic approach facilitating the transition towards more sustainable skin care solutions.

Beyond Infinity

Revealing the Unseen Power of Actives

BCS imagery expertise transcends boundaries by making the invisible visible. Diving into a new immersive journey, customers can discover the fascinating nature and bioactive performance like never seen before.

Let’s unlock the next generation of sustainable and high performing Personal Care products with our latest solutions.

Skin Serum “Pro-Nature”


This light and fluid Skin Serum „Pro-Nature“ is designed to meet the growing consumer demand for natural and sustainable skin care products without compromising on performance.

Face Cream “Extra-care”


The Face Cream “Extra-Care” carefully crafted with natural-based ingredients and traceable sheabutter, features a perfect blend of performance and purity. 

Sun Lotion “Protect & Care” SPF 50


The fluid gel lotion does a perfect match between high performance sun protection and optimized environmental impact, confirmed by EcoSun Pass.

Unlock our existing services and accelerate your developments. Get started with the following examples.

Responsible Sourcing Report

We care about sustainable supply chains.

Real sustainability begins at the source and carries through along the entire value chain.

Product Carbon Footprint

We care about reducing our carbon footprint.

Our sustainability strategy concentrates on reducing the carbon footprint of our products throughout their respective lifecycles.

Sustainable Solution Steering®

We have developed an array of processes, tools and systems that enable us to realistically and transparently show the sustainability contribution of our products.

Responsible Actives

Bioactives for a positive future. 

Along our bioactive ingredients value chain, we are aligning our actions towards more sustainable practices.

EcoSun Pass

Environmental evaluation of sunscreen products


Market understanding meets science.

By integrating multiple apps, D’lite seamlessly links our expertise in the cosmetic industry and beauty trends.

SFA Formulator

Design sustainable and performing liquid rinse-off formulations based on our innovative SFA surfactants. The SFA Formulator predicts for you the right solution meeting your requirements and makes your lab work easier.

Emollient Maestro

Simplify and speed up your formulation design. Emollient Maestro makes it easy for you to predict your sustainable Emollient Mixture alternative with the power of Al.

Surfactants Navigator

Master high performance sustainable surfactant solutions by taking advantage of our latest systematic experiments and modelling algorithms.

Care 360° – Solutions for Sustainable Life

Beyond Beauty demonstrates how Care Chemicals is addressing future opportunities in sustainability, digitalization, innovation, and new approaches to working together across the Personal Care value chain.

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