Beyond Infinity

Revealing the Unseen Power of Actives

Through over five decades of experience in pioneering innovation, BASF Beauty Creations has built strong expertise in selecting the right plants and potentializing their power with breakthrough technologies.

To substantiate their efficacy, Beauty Creations masters the design of increasingly sophisticated 2D & 3D models that mimic real skin conditions. While being able to measure multiple parameters of  vitro efficacy already allows us addressing a wide range of cosmetic end points, Beauty Creations imagery expertise transcends boundaries by making the invisible visible.

Today we open the door to our most advanced expertise: diving into our new imagery immersive journey, you will discover the bioactives performance like never seen before. 

The immersive journey in VR headsets drives people through the imagery world applied to specific skin needs: discover how imagery serves the development of actives for sensitive or atopic skin, proof the effectiveness of anti-oily skin ingredients, or reveal the extraordinary power of plants for anti-aging applications. 

A fresh way for consumers, who meticulously analyze ingredients, to gain a comprehensive understanding of product effectiveness and seek to solve the mysteries behind the ingredients, and how they can be tailored to their unique needs.

Our captivating imagery delivers a powerful narrative in the world of beauty, meeting the evolving demands of consumers in a fresh and inspiring way, through three key pillars: 

Meticulously analyze plants: their composition in precious molecules as well as their structure.

Gain a comprehensive understanding of product effectiveness by visualizing what’s truly happening within our 3D models when adding a bioactive.

Provide structural understanding of our bioactive based on innovative technology, like patches.