The original APG® from BASF

In today’s fast-paced world, many people want to get closer to nature and protect the environment. Being “green and clean” is more than just a trend – it’s a lifestyle choice, and an integral part of the individual’s heartfelt beliefs and values. No wonder consumers increasingly pay close attention to the ingredient composition of the personal care products they buy. They attach great value to the origin of ingredients, their impact on the environment and carbon footprint.

Turn these challenges into your advantage: meet the market needs and wishes with BASF’s 100% plant-based APG® sugar surfactant. BASF offers its complete Plantacare® range, as well as related products and compositions from certified sustainable palm-based raw material with RSPO MB supply chain certification. In addition, based on RSPO certified sourcing and constant process optimization, BASF APG® products have an excellent carbon footprint.

More than 25 years of BASF APG® in Europe with outstanding, sustainable quality. Profit from the “green and clean” trend.

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Macro Trend & Drivers

  • Society gets more conscious on their environment & own footprint.
  • People strive for a balanced, healthy and sustainable living, they want to get closer to nature and protect their planet.
  • Being “green” is more than a trend – it’s a lifestyle, and integral part of individual’s convictions and values.
  • Naturals constantly gain popularity, as they are perceived as original and purer.
  • Consumers pay increasing attention to the ingredients of a cosmetic they use, they attach great value to its origin, and environmental impact.

APG® – Sustainability Facts

  • From 100% renewable feedstocks
  • Complete range of APG® products from certified sustainable palm-based raw material with RSPO MB supply chain certification.
  • First-rate eco-toxicological profile, ultimately biodegradable
  • Excellent carbon footprint

Plantacare® – Functional Profile

  • All-round surfactant with proven mildness.
  • Very gentle to skin and mucous membrane, to hair and scalp.
  • Improves the skin compatibility of conventional surfactant systems.
  • Excellent foaming behavior, improves the foam properties of cleansing products in combination with other surfactants.
  • Effective cleansing, efficient removal of build-up from hair.
  • Perfect fit for all kind of gentle cleansing products, especially suited for sensitive skin, baby concepts and mild oral cleansing.
  • Ideal for concepts alternative to EO-/PEG-/sulfate containing surfactants