We care for the world in which we live

Caring is in our nature and deeply rooted in our DNA. That is why we are committed to caring for the world in which we live and work.

Our vision is to align all of our actions in a sustainable way. That means protecting our planet and its resources, while making positive contributions benefitting every individual along the entire Personal Care value chain.

Reinforcing environmental stewardship through ongoing commitment across our business operations is paying off in every respect: It drives positive economic, social, and environmental impact for our customers, partners, employees, and communities. In the long run it also protects resources for future generations.

We are committed to fulfilling our vision, and we are on the right track: During our ongoing sustainability journey we have already reached numerous milestones which are helping to guide our actions in a responsible way. Some notable examples include our Palm Commitment that sets sustainable standards in the palm- and palm kernel oil sourcing industry, and our Responsibly Active program which focuses on botanical sourcing that respects natural biodiversity for our bioactives portfolio. 

The direction is clear but we still have a long way to go. We are continuing our journey towards consistent sustainability along the entire value chain because we care for the world in which we live. 

Learn more about our sustainability initiatives and programs:


Sustainable Beauty Days 2023

November 15-16, 2023

Today is the day we shape our future. We would like to invite you to our Sustainable Beauty Days 2023. Join us to share ideas, learn from each other and chart a path to a green future.


Responsibly Active

Plants are at the core of our business and biodiversity is our reservoir to innovate. That is why we launched our new Responsibly Active program. Find out how we care for natural resources, people and climate along our bioactive ingredients value chain.


Certified sustainable coconut oil

We are the first chemical company to offer certified sustainable personal care ingredients based on coconut oil. Our BASF production site in Cassina Rizzardi, Italy, was certified according to the Rainforest Alliance certification scheme. Learn more about this important feedstock.


Sustainable castor bean program

Together with our partners, we have launched the project "Pragati" (Hindi for progress) to improve working conditions, create awareness for sustainable castor bean farming, and increase yields through more efficient farming practices. It is the first sustainable castor bean program worldwide.


Our Pioneer Collection 

Bringing sustainability up to speed. To make it fast and easy for you to see which of our products contribute the most to sustainability, we have divided our portfolio into groups. Solutions that deliver the most benefits are defined as Pioneers.


Sustainability Product Finder

Looking for COSMOS or NATRUE conformity of ingredients for your formulations? Or do you need to know which ingredients are suitable for your personal care product which should be accepted by one of the various Ecolabels? To make your life easier – check out our new Sustainability Product Finder.


The Rambutan Program

In an ambitious sustainable sourcing project, we explored the Rambutan tree for the holistic use of this resource in cosmetics. We follow strict sustainability principles, conserve resources, and support local population and partners to design a new socially and environmentally responsible supply chain.


Sustainable Solution Steering®  

With our approach we evaluate the value chain from cradle to grave considering industry- and region-specific views in our markets. We strive to achieve a balance between the three dimensions of sustainability - economy, environment and society.


Labels and Memberships

It’s one thing to make sustainability claims, but quite another to substantiate. We systematically validate our ingredients or seek third-party assessment of our products’ sustainability values.



BASF wants to ensure that its renewable-based products are made from sustainably sourced raw materias.


Energy and Climate protection

Climate change is one of the most urgent challenges facing society. For BASF, climate protection is a key task and an essential part of our strategy.

Sustainability home_teaser_sustainablebeautydays

A look back: Sustainable Beauty Days 2022

For us, sustainable beauty is not a trend, but a responsibility along the entire value chain. That is why we warmly invite you to take part in our Sustainable Beauty Days from November 21-23.