News Release | Oct 29, 2021

Publication on world’s first 3D bioprinted immune skin model wins the prestigious “Henry Maso Award”

  • The International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists announced the winner at the closing ceremony of the 2021 IFSCC conference
  • Mr Maxime Lègues, 3DBioprinting Manager at CTIBIOTECH, is awarded a scholarship to attend the IFSCC Congress in London in September 2022
  • This joint publication by CTIBIOTECH and BASF was selected out of strong top-level international research projects on skincare science

October 29, 2021 – The joint research of CTIBIOTECH and BASF’s Care Creations® has been awarded the “Henry Maso Award” for the publication titled “The world’s first 3D bioprinted immune skin model suitable for screening drugs and ingredients for normal and inflamed skin” at the closing ceremony of the 2021 IFSCC conference in Cancun, Mexico.

CTIBIOTECH teamed up with BASF scientists to develop and validate this cutting-edge technology to produce multiple copies of 3D bioprinted full skin models containing human macrophages from the immune system.

3D bioprinting technologies developed at CTIBIOTECH enable scientists to reproducibly manufacture predictive human tissue models and to advance biomedical research. Using this technology BASF scientists will be able to select innovative bio-actives and ingredients for advanced skin care applications.

The technology provides a powerful platform for skin care researchers wishing to study the function of macrophages in a fully reconstructed skin.

Macrophages constantly monitor the skin’s microenvironment for indications of cell stress, tissue injury or infection. They are essential to close wounds and to fully regenerate tissue. To maintain skin homeostasis, macrophages have a high degree of plasticity that promote or suppress inflammation.

The “Henry Maso Award” is presented at IFSCC congresses to young scientists who published the best paper in an issue of the IFSCC Magazine in the two years preceding the congress. This original work was presented at the 2020 IFSCC congress in Yokohama, Japan, by Maxime Lègues, 3DBioprinting Manager at CTIBIOTECH and then published in the IFSCC publication. Lègues will be invited to the next IFSCC congress to take place in London, United Kingdom, in September 2022 to receive the “Henry Maso Award”.

Prof Colin McGuckin, President and Chief Scientific Officer at CTIBIOTECH, said: “We are extremely proud of this research and of Maxime Lègues, a gifted young researcher contributing to international skin research and innovations”.

“There is a strong need for better testing systems showing how ingredients affect or can improve sensitive or allergic skin. The presented 3D full-size bioprinted model of human skin that contains immune system cells is therefore a solution for rapid and reliable testing of products addressing reactive skin,” said Dr Sébastien Cadau, 3D tissue engineering specialist at the BASF site in Lyon, France.

BASF and CTIBIOTECH started their cooperation as early as 2011. In 2015, BASF and CTIBIOTECH started working on 3D tissue models for the development and testing of bio-actives for skin care applications. In 2018, the first results were announced: The experts demonstrated both the ex vivo production of physiological sebum in a long-term culture of a 3D human sebaceous gland model and the regulation of this sebum production by means of active ingredients.

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