News Release | Apr 8, 2020

BASF receives innovation awards for EcoSun Pass, Texapon® SFA and Inolixir™

  • Industry consulting agency BSB honors important contributions for innovative ingredients and cosmetic products
  • Awarded first place and winner in the category “concepts”: BASF’s EcoSun Pass evaluates the environmental impact of UV filters, fostering the manufacturing of eco-friendly sun protection
  • Awarded in the sub-category “functionals and recipients”: Texapon® SFA is a naturally derived, anionic surfactant for ultra-mild, even tear-free rinse-off formulations
  • Awarded in the sub-category “naturals and actives”: BASF’s bioactive ingredient Inolixir™ produces quick and long-lasting results for tired and sensitive skin

Düsseldorf-Holthausen, Germany – April 9, 2020 – BASF’s Care Creations® has thrice been awarded the BSB Innovation Prize 2020: The EcoSun Pass, a new methodology that provides environmental evaluation of UV filter systems, achieved first place in the category “Concepts”. BASF’s 100 percent naturally derived, anionic surfactant Texapon® SFA achieved second place in the “Functionals and Recipients” sub-category of “Cosmetics”. The bioactive ingredient Inolixir™, a 100 percent natural extract from the chaga mushroom, was awarded with the third place in the “Naturals and Actives” sub-category of “Cosmetics”.

“Consumers’ growing environmental consciousness is an important driver for us to continue developing sustainable and greener solutions that don’t compromise on performance. These awards are a recognition of the milestones we achieved on that road,” said Christian Somigliana, Market Development Personal Care Europe.

BASF’s award-winning offers

The EcoSun Pass is a new methodology especially developed for sun protection products – evaluating the environmental compatibility of UV filter systems in sunscreens. The methodology supports the transparent assessment of UV filters based on internationally recognized criteria and comprises eight different parameters, from biodegradation and aquatic toxicity to endocrine disruption potential. It not only considers environmental factors for individual UV filters, but provides a comprehensive environmental evaluation of filter systems regardless of the supplier.

Texapon SFA is a very mild, innovative anionic surfactant based on sustainable, RSPO-certified renewable resources. The product is extremely gentle on the skin and eyes, making it especially suitable for delicate baby skin and formulas for tearfree shampoo products. Clinical tests have shown that formulas based on Texapon SFA do not cause a burning sensation in the eyes, are easy on the skin and mucous membranes, and create a dense, stable and creamy foam. Sensory tests have confirmed these results. It is 100 percent biodegradable and suitable as an alternative to sulfate-surfactants. The product reinforces the beneficial effect of the cationic polymers in shampoos and has been proven to make it easier to comb hair – including when added to formulas that do not contain polymers.

Inolixir is a hyper-concentrated bioactive ingredient, benefitting from all the nutrients and properties of the chaga mushroom thanks to subcritical water extraction – an innovative and eco-friendly extraction method using pressurized water heated to between 100 and 374°C instead of organic solvents. Inolixir fortifies the skin’s natural protection system by strengthening barrier function and the microvascular network – working on all fronts to return skin to a healthier condition, with visible results on fine lines, dark-circles and redness. The bioactive ingredient works in two ways: firstly, it offers a wellness approach proven to be effective on tired and stressed skin. Secondly, the bioactive ingredient presents dermocosmetic solutions for sensitive skin.

The German consulting agency BSB has been issuing its Innovation Awards since 2003. The awards are given to innovative goods in the cosmetics sector for finished products and raw materials in different categories. To date, BASF has been honored sixteen times for its solutions by BSB.

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