News Release | Nov 19, 2019

BASF presents its latest innovations for the personal care industry at Making Cosmetics 2019

  • BASF launches Hydrasensyl® Glucan, an ultra-pure, multi-functional and fast-acting beta-glucan
  • Environmentally friendly, innovative solutions for the personal care industry: Texapon® SFA and Dehyton® SFA are extremely gentle on the skin and eyes
  • BASF’s latest bioactive ingredient Inolixir™ is a 100 percent natural extract from the chaga mushroom producing long-lasting results for tired and sensitive skin.
  • Rheocare® HSP 1180 for effective hair styling at lower temperatures and protection from heat styling damage
  • Eco-friendly sun protection with the EcoSun Pass

Milan, Italy – November 20, 2019 – At this year’s Making Cosmetics from November 20 to 21, BASF Care Creations® will present its latest innovations for the personal care industry at booth 103. Experts from both BASF and BTC Chemical Distribution, distributor for BASF Personal Care products in Italy, will be available for discussions and to answer questions.

Hydrasensyl® Glucan moisturizes, smooths and soothes the skin

The beneficial effects of BASF’s new active ingredient Hydrasensyl® Glucan result from its construction: its polysaccharide structure resembles hyaluronic acid, while the triple helix arrangement of the fibers is familiar from collagen.

Just like hyaluronic acid, which is often used in personal care products to hydrate and soothe the skin, Hydrasensyl Glucan consists of a long chain of sugar molecules. This primary structure enables the active ingredient to act as a natural water store, by binding large amounts of water. At the same time, the polysaccharide chains are intertwined to form a rope-like, highly resilient triple helix – just like collagen, a structural protein that gives the skin its elasticity. This 3D structure can help to enhance the resistance of formulations to variations in pH or temperature and electrolyte load. In addition, Hydrasensyl Glucan provides a light feel on the skin.

Innovative anionic surfactants Texapon® SFA and Dehyton® SFA

Texapon® SFA is a very mild, innovative anionic surfactant based on sustainable, RSPO-certified renewable resources. The product is extremely gentle on the skin and eyes, making it especially suitable for delicate baby skin and formulas for tearfree shampoo products. Clinical tests have shown that Texapon SFA does not cause a burning sensation in the eyes, is easy on the skin and mucous membranes, and creates an extremely porous, stable and creamy foam. Sensor tests have confirmed these results.

Texapon SFA is extremely stable in terms of storage and temperature, and can be used across a wide pH range. It is 100 percent biodegradable and suitable as an alternative to surfactants containing sulfate. The product reinforces the beneficial effect of the cationic polymers in shampoos and has been proven to make it easier to comb hair – including when added to formulas that do not contain polymers.

Dehyton® SFA is an innovative blend of Texapon SFA and betaine. It is coldprocessable, easier to formulate and comes with very low risk of irritating the eyes. It is extremely gentle on the skin and mucous membranes and can be used as a micellar thickening agent in formulas.

A superfood ingredient for healthy skin

The chaga mushroom is a superfood renowned for various health benefits and has both traditional and modern uses. With Inolixir™ (INCI: Glycerin (and) Water (and) Inonotus Obliquus (Mushroom) Extract), BASF scientists have now harnessed the chaga mushroom’s power for use in skin care products, catering to the worldwide consumer trend of changing perceptions of beauty and the increasing popularity of a more holistic approach. This often involves consumers making lifestyle changes and, importantly, looking for cosmetic products with natural ingredients.

Inolixir works in two ways: firstly, it offers a wellness approach proven to be effective on tired and stressed skin. Study participants reported that Inolixir was as effective as a five-day relaxation cure in mitigating fatigue lines, dark circles and dullness. Secondly, the bioactive ingredient presents dermocosmetic solutions for sensitive skin: it offers anti-redness and anti-dullness benefits, leading 85 percent of study participants to perceive a health benefit for their skin and 91 percent to report increased skin comfort within 7 to 28 days of application.

Inolixir is a hyper-concentrated bioactive ingredient, benefitting from all the nutrients and properties of the chaga mushroom thanks to an innovative and eco-friendly technology: subcritical water extraction (SWE). Instead of organic solvents, this method uses pressurized water heated to between 100 °C and 374 °C for extraction. In vitro tests have proven that SWE extracts phytochemicals more efficiently than other common methods, such as conventional hydroethanolic extraction and water extraction.

Hair styling polymer with unique benefits

Rheocare® HSP-1180 offers unique benefits as a hair styling polymer. On initial application it offers a good level of setting performance. It is then possible to comb the hair and restyle it multiple times with heat styling tools such as hair straighteners. Rheocare HSP 1180 allows the hair to be styled effectively at lower temperatures and makes the hair smoother so that straighteners glide over it. It also protects the hair from heat styling damage at higher temperatures.

Eco-friendly sun protection with the EcoSun Pass

Consumers are increasingly concerned about the potential impact sunscreens may have on the environment. Eco-friendly sunscreens are in high demand. BASF’s EcoSun Pass is a methodology that enables the environmental impact evaluation of UV filter systems. The environmental impact assessment system developed by BASF is clear, transparent and comprehensive. It is based on internationally recognized criteria and comprises eight different parameters, from biodegradation and aquatic toxicity to endocrine disruption potential.

As part of the Making Cosmetics’ presentation program, Marcel Schnyder, Head Global Technical Center Sun Care, will speak about sun care, presenting BASF’s EcoSun Pass.


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