News Release | Apr 13, 2015

BASF’s “Skin Care Polymers Toolbox” enables tailormade solutions for the skin care market

  • Toolbox helps customers to choose the most suitable polymer for their individual skin care solution

Dusseldorf, Germany – April 13, 2015

Worldwide, more than 50 percent of all skin care product launches per year contain polymers. There are several reasons why polymers are so widely used: They deliver stable and predictable viscosity, stability to emulsion, as well as sensory and texturizing effects. BASF already offers a broad range of polymers to the personal care industry. To better help customers find the ideal polymer for their individual skin care product, the company now offers a new solution: the “Skin Care Polymers Toolbox.”

Extensive range of polymers

The company analyzed its complete polymer portfolio based on four criteria: viscosity versus pH range, electrolyte tolerance, emulsifying capability and sensory profile. One of the procedures employed for the evaluation was the Pillow Talk™ – a BASF sensory assessment method where trained individuals compare how their skin feels on the surfaces of different pillows after applying a cream or emollient. “With the results of our analysis we can give our customers clear guidance regarding which polymer is performing how in which formulation,” said Francesco Romagnoli, Marketing Manager for Skin Care Polymer Europe. “The Skin Care Polymers Toolbox allows cosmetics manufacturers to choose the most suitable polymer for their specific skin care application.” Among the polymers identified, especially two can help cosmetics manufacturers to optimize the sensory characteristics of their products:

Cosmedia SP – efficient thickener and emulsifier for an elegant afterfeel

This off-white, free-flowing powder stands out for its exceptional sensorial profile and elegant afterfeel. It delivers silky and velvety sensory properties without stickiness, which is appealing for all skin care applications. Cosmedia® SP offers emulsifying and suspending capabilities without needing an additional emulsifier, and also demonstrates good thickening capabilities. It demonstrates flexibility as it is suitable for cold processing and can be added to an oil or water phase.

Rheocare HSP 1180 – sensory modifier with a lubricious effect

This clear, viscous liquid solution is a sensory modifier imparting a soft and plush afterfeel. Rheocare® HSP 1180 can be used at a broad pH range and delivers high lubricity even at low concentrations. When introduced to formulations, it reduces the friction during application: Being rubbed in, it delivers an immediate sense of lightness and quickness comparable to that of oils, but without leaving an oily feeling on the skin. Thus, Rheocare HSP 1180 is particularly suited for skin care products that require asophisticated sensory profile.

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