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An appealing appearance, accentuated and luxurious effects emphasize the character, performance and value of rinse-off product, and thus are a point of differentiating and important buying factors for consumers.

However, for cosmetic developers the possibilities are manifold, as the product appearance is depending not only on the choice of a pearlizer and/or opacifier, but also on the preferred surfactant chassis – be it classical or alternative surfactant systems – as well as on the selected dosages.

This is why formulators need to have more transparency on pearlizers’ and opacifiers’ performance and wish for more efficient guidance to kick-start and optimize the development of new and appealing rinse-off products.

As a leading supplier in the field in wax-based pearlizers and opacifiers, we can offer you an extensive range of appearance modifiers for accentuated and most luxurious visual effects in personal care rinse-off formulations, that delight and attract consumers.

Our new evaluation brings formulation development to a next level and reveals an amazing world of shine.

The appearance of a cosmetic product is an extension of its promise. It must captivate, seduce, and inspire confidence.

Laura Mercier

Example Wheel

An example based on 8 formulations to demonstrate the different appearances we achieve with our Pearlizers and Opacifiers range.

Remark: The density of these formulations has not been adjusted according the apparent density of each pearlizer and opacifier. In consequence, the stability of these formulations has not been tested. The prototypes have only been used for visual assessment.​

Performance Profile

To differentiate the appearance of all Pearlizers and Opacifiers, a visual assessment was based on Color, Monadic and Associative parameters.




  • Visual assessment was based on monadic parameters such as pearlshine, opacity and acceptance, and associative parameters ranging from mother-of-pearl, porcelain, milky, foggy, metallic, glitter, marble to silky finishes to differentiate the appearance of BASF pearlizers and opacifiers.
  • Three key surfactant chassis: one classical chassis based on SLES/CAPB and two sulfate alternative surfactant chassis respectively based on ACG/APG and SCI.
  • Five concentration levels from 0.25% to 4%
  • Assessment of 121 formulations

Our new evaluation brings formulation development to a next level and reveals an amazing world of shine. 

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