The Solid Collection

BASF’s Answer on the water-free Trend

The growing interest in sustainable products and the increasing awareness of resource-friendly technologies have significantly contributed to the greater use of water-free formulations. BASF presents a collection of those products such as an easy foaming shampoo, solid conditioners, a cream shower bar and more. Choosing the right ingredients is essential to obtain the same properties as conventional, diluted personal care products.


Rising Market Trend

  • Solid formats: Shampoos, Shampoo Bars, Shower Bars…
  • No “soap” - contain typical ingredients found in liquid personal care rinse-off formulations

Market Drivers

  • “Zero Waste” trend, “Packaging-free” (Lush), Reduction of packaging/waste, Alternative packaging
  • Increasing awareness for environmentally friendly products, 100% ecological products
  • Natural cosmetics / Natural ingredients / Vegan
  • Economics compared to classical liquid formats (e.g. “lasts 2x / 4x… longer”; or “for 30 showers”)
  • Convenience, “on the go” product, easy transport

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