SWOP™ Emulsions

Switch oil-phase technology for skincare

Innovative skincare concepts that offer unexpected and pleasant sensory experiences have very special appeal. And what could be more enticing than product that goes on light and fresh, then perceivably changes its skinfeel to a lastingly rich and luxurious sensation? Our concept SWOP™ Emulsions is designed to create formulations that switch from W/O to O/W after application. It offers insight into how you can utilize this special technology by BASF Personal Care to develop irresistible and effective skincare products.

SWOP™ Summary: Advantages

  • An innovative technology that combines light & fresh application of O/W with the skin care benefits of W/O Emulsions.  
  • Comfortable, light and luxurious at once: from light to rich
  • Flexible sensory effects: From a smooth & homogeneous evolution to a perceivable transformation
  • Immediate, long lasting moisturization Versatility of textures: From sprayable to fluid, lotion, mousse* or cream
  • Versatility of applications: Body care, sun care, facial care and make-up
  • Can be produced as an O/W Emulsion, no special equipment needed. Cold process possible