Connecting with the future of beauty.

As the world emerges from the pandemic and its associated hardships, societies have gained a deeper sense of responsibility for individuals, the planet and future generations. There is a fundamental change of focus and an aspiration to create a better world.

Health and wellbeing as well as care for the environment form the new collective compass for decisions and day-to-day actions.

Consumers increasingly question their own buying habits. More than ever, they realize the need to limit their impact, reduce waste, be mindful in resource and energy consumption, and use products that are sourced and produced sustainably.

BASF Personal Care has achieved a lot in high-performance, sustainable cosmetic ingredients. But still not enough – together with you, our customers, we are working to reach the next level. Now is the time to rethink, go beyond what has been possible, and connect with the future of beauty. Re_think is our commitment to the personal care market now and in the future.

With a focus on health, sustainability and transparency, and in close cooperation with our customers, we will reform, reshape and reinvent personal care for a sustainable future.

By seamlessly integrating innovation, responsible sourcing, ingredient transparency and digitalization, we offer resilient and sustainable solutions for tomorrow – and connect with the future of beauty.

Q&A with
Renata Oki,
Head of Market Development

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by our Re_think formulation concept, featuring remarkable formats and textures, developed for sustainable mindsets.

Alginate Pearl Serum


Our Alginate Pearl Serum reconciles luxury, well-being and sustainability. Biopolymers are the key to designing the even most demanding textures in a natural way. The serum provides a light and refreshing sensory with a smooth and silky after feel.


Granité Gel Mask


This Granité Gel Mask, based on an energy conscious cold process, features a surprising, extraordinary texture with the visual effect of a “granité”-like, translucent appearance. Experience this extraordinary gel mask. The skin will feel hydrated and fresh all day long.


Lifting Cream


Our luxurious Lifting Cream, is based on a high content of natural-based ingredients, designed to moisturize and restore the skin the natural way.


Dew Drop Body Cream


The Dew Drop Body Cream, formulated with 100% renewable-based emollients, features an innovative, and surprisingly new texture. When applied to the skin, the white cream instantly transforms to release a splash of tiny water droplets and provides a light and moisturized skin feel.


Natural Styling Mousse


Styling product formulated without compromise. This eco-conscious non-aerosol pump mousse follows a simplified ingredient approach with only 9 ingredients and is formulated according to Cosmos standard for natural cosmetics.


Multi-Talent Family Cleanser


Less products on the bath shelf, mean less packaging and waste, and hence an advantage for the environment. This Multi-Talent Family Cleanser reflects consumers’ desire to avoid ingredients that have a negative environmental impact, while offering convincing performance and attractive appearance.


Conditioning Shampoo Concentrate


Concentrated products will become one of the “new normals”, meeting consumers’ desire to reduce their environmental footprint. This shampoo provides excellent conditioning properties, such as wet and dry combing, anti-hair-breakage, and a favorable sensory.


Hair & Body Wash Bar


Solid and concentrated products are an excellent alternative to classical liquid applications, and to cut down packaging. Our Hair & Body Wash Bar takes the solid formats to a next level. Discover our solid 2-in-1 bar that merges a violet body wash and a white shampoo.


No-Lye No-Base Hair Relaxer


Consumers with kinky hair are looking for efficient, yet safe and milder hair treatments that provide easy-to-use solutions for hair manageability. We developed a new anhydrous no-lye, no-base relaxer, combining the milder, caring features of a no-lye relaxer with the simplicity of lye relaxers.


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