Mom Care

Pregnancy and maternity are most special times in women’s life.

Naturally, it is linked not only to emotional but also physical changes, and particularly skin and hair needs special attention and care. This is why pregnant women and mothers develop their very specific and individual preferences, and carefully select their Personal Care products with the ingredients they trust in.

Tailored Mom Care Formulations

Mothers (to be) request skin and hair care products that are tailored for their very special body needs, such as most gentle cleansing, optimal skin hydration, improved skin elasticity, stretch mark prevention, black spots or hair strengthening.

Moreover, women in this life phase often have a distinct preference for e.g. natural-based ingredients including caring emollients.

For our up-to-date formulation “Mom Care” concept, we use only carefully selected, and natural-based ingredients, gentle, also alternative surfactants, as well as valuable caring additives and powerful actives to respond to the specific needs and expectations of this important consumer group.