Microbiome Miracle

A new approach for microbiome-friendly solutions

Healthy skin, strong immune system, youthful appearance – consumers worldwide are discovering the benefits of a well-balanced microflora, whether it be that of the gut, skin or elsewhere.

The community of microorganisms that live and work together in (and on) the human body – the microbiome, is a fascinating world of organisms invisible to the human eye. These microorganisms help to maintain the wellbeing of the skin, scalp and other parts of the body, and can even act as a natural line of defense against pathogens. Technologies like new-generation sequencing have brought our understanding of the human microbiome to new levels.

BASF has identified a range of galenic solutions like emulsifiers, surfactants and polymers that do not disrupt the healthy microbial colonies found on the skin. In initial tests, these ingredient classes were studied using minimal inhibitory concentration (MIC) tests, the focus was on the two well documented beneficial microorganisms, Staphylococcus epidermidis and Cutibacterium acnes, as well as the commensal Corynebacterium minutissimum and pathogen Staphylococcus aureus.

Three emollients were subjected to full microbiome testing on human volunteers. Based on the results of these studies, formulations were carefully designed, and subjected to full microbiome studies in clinical studies with subjects having healthy skin. After four weeks of use, analyses of skin microbiome indicated no significant changes. Improvement in skin hydration and skin barrier function, as well as good consumer acceptance were demonstrated.

Let’s talk about our high-performance solutions that leave the natural healthy skin microbiome intact. Take advantage of our knowledge and develop effective skincare products that protect the power of our natural skin defenses and help maintain the skin’s health.

  • Going beyond simple skin care benefits like hydration to advanced benefits for skin health
  • From single hero ingredients to true microbiome-friendly formulations
  • Combining science-backed efficacy and advanced technologies