Acne mechanica care for mask-wearers

Wearing a protective facemask is part of the new normal of life during this pandemic. As simple and effective as masks are in preventing the spread of the coronavirus, they also have a downside: many people suffer from maskne, skin care problems (acne mechanica) triggered or worsened by masks. The physical contact of the mask and its tendency to trap moisture, especially when worn for extended periods, can stress the skin. Not surprisingly, social media channels are full of posts by people looking for advice and solutions to care for maskne. At BASF, we have defined a straightforward care routine to counter maskne:

  • Cleanse
  • Hydrate
  • Protect and strengthen

Our ingredients enable you to develop targeted formulations that address this acute consumer need. Talk with us about high-performance actives and other suitable ingredients for cleansing solutions like a facewash or wet wipe application, hydrating products such as a moisturizing cream, aftershave balm or refreshing gel, as well as protection solutions including a skincare mask. Support stressed consumers in dealing with maskne – and profit from our ingredient expertise.