Hand & Nail Care

Experts have said, washing hands with soap and warm water is the best way to maintain hand hygiene at home. External stressors, the effects of frequent washing or even over-washing of hands, as well as the use of hand sanitizers in times of COVID-19 take their toll. Hence, consumers seek for hand care products that

  • (re-)hydrate, nourish, refortify, and restore their skin
  • protect the natural skin barrier and the skin’s microbiome
  • leave their hands soft and supple.

Causes of Dry & Damaged Hands

Various exogenous factors which may have negative effects on the skin structures are exemplified in the below illustration by pictographs. They represent mechanical use, exposure to wind and all types of weather, water (bathing, showering, swimming), harsh chemicals and pathogens.

In the magnified section, a further enlargement of the upper layers of the skin is displayed. In healthy skin (left side) the “brick and mortar” structure is intact, forming a protective barrier against skin stressors. Regular (excessive) hand washing, exposure to soap, solvents, acid, alkaline substances, heat and cold, mechanical stimuli or inclement weather are factors which may have an adverse effect on the skin. The skin can dry out, become irritated and/or the skin barrier integrity can be compromised (right side) – which, in more severe cases, can lead to hand dermatitis – both acute and chronic.

In addition to the irritation and discomfort of dry chapped hands, the cracks and breaks in the barrier provide possible entry sites for pathogens and irritants thereby increasing the risk of skin infections and dermatitis.

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Efficient Hand & Nail Care – Protection and Skin Comfort


Biomimetic Translucent Serum



Economic SOS Hand Cream


Intensive Nourishing

Powerful Defense Lotion



Fresh Sensation Hand Recovery Mask



Hand Cream With Alternatives to Silicone, Acrylates


Hand & Nail Cream

Hand and Nail Cream


Nail & Cuticle Oil

Nail & Cuticle Caring Oil