Getting closer

It’s all about emotions and senses

People the world over are longing to reconnect with each other, nature and the senses. Social distancing has also created a deeper personal need for what’s important. People also dearly miss traveling and exploring different countries and the sensory pleasures the experience brings – new colors, sounds, aromas and flavors.

Consumers are looking for personal care products that bring back some of those pleasures. Products that fulfill inner sensory needs and emotional wishes while offering a moment of pampering and luxury. And they want products that are close to nature, environmentally compatible and free of unnecessary ingredients.

BASF Personal Care has an array of solutions that speak directly to these deeply human needs, and enable you to develop products that serve these growing global trends. Let’s talk about how nature-based ingredients can support your business.

Every story matters. 

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At BASF Personal Care, we’ve embarked on a world tour to get a close-up look at consumer desires, research the most appealing sensory properties and discover the best nature-based active ingredients.

In new high-performance formulations, we bring together all these properties to enable the development of cosmetics that bring people up close with what they wish for most.


It’s all about emotions and senses!

With innovative formulations, we aim to bring inspiring smells, colors and shapes into consumers’ home. Experience our video introduction to get a first impression.

  • Meet Laura (36)...

    A loving single mom with two kids who loves to meet people and plan active outdoor events like treasure hunts with other families – especially when they conjure up the mystery and adventure of exotic locations. She’s not a morning person, and appreciates a refreshing shower with a body wash that cares for her sensitive skin. For Laura and all other morning grouches with easily irritated skin, we have developed the Happy Emotion Shower Gel.

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Anti-Dandruff & Purifying Charcoal Cleansing Powder


Natural dandruff reduction – non-oily, healthy scalp. Thanks to our active ingredient Sanicapyl®, the formulation naturally reduces dandruff, supporting a non-oily, healthy scalp. The silky, chalky powder also offers a sensory wellness experience with notes of jasmine, rose and sandalwood.


RepHair From Inside Out


Moisturize and protect – gentle care for stressed hair and scalp. Thanks to our active ingredient Dulcemin® PW BIO, the formulation provides gentle care for stressed hair and scalp. The scent of lemon, cinnamon and vanilla adds to the overall wellness experience.


Happy Emotion Shower Gel


Artificial intelligence and age-old wisdom – shower wellness. Created using artificial intelligence, the formulation includes our plant-based active ingredient PeptAlde® 4.0 as well as the soothing emollient Lipofructyl® Argan, Moroccan argan oil – long treasured for its almost magical skincare benefits. The creamy gel hydrates the skin, while its zesty scent gives an energy boost.


  • Meet Tom (28)...

    A skateboard ace with a girlfriend in another town. He wants to be able to easily create a healthy and crazy look on the go – a hairstyle that will stay in place in the middle of the skating action. Traveling to the coolest skating locations for the full-on experience is one of his dreams. For Tom and all others who want an active lifestyle and a great hairstyle, we have created the Energizing Styling Gel.

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Face & Body Plumping Butter


Volume plumping – reduced wrinkles & enhanced luminosity. Thanks to our active Hyalufix®, the formulation offers volume plumping, reducing wrinkles and enhancing luminosity. Aromas of black pepper, lavender and vetiver provide a feast for the senses.


Clear Antipollution Wash Balm


Protective proteins – natural support for stressed hair. A transparent and delicate shampoo for every type of hair, it lathers into a gentle foam. Thanks to our ingredient Puricare®, the formulation is rich in moringa proteins, which contribute to protection and reinforcement of the stressed hair and skin. It has a soothing scent of lemon, cinnamon and honey.


Energizing Styling Gel


Antipollution support – healthy, shiny hair and scalp moisturization. Based on our nature-sourced and sustainable ingredient Rambuvital®, the formulation energizes the hair from roots to ends and even has anti-pollutant properties. The transparent gel has a pudding texture and a light bergamot scent. It’s ideal for refreshing hairstyles on the go.


Energizing Multi-Defence Cream


Antipollution support – healthy, shiny hair and scalp moisturization. Based on our nature-sourced and sustainable ingredient Rambuvital®, the formulation energizes the hair from roots to ends and even has anti-pollutant properties. The transparent gel has a pudding texture and a light asian anise and bergamot note. It’s ideal for refreshing hairstyles on the go.


Remodelling Body Lotion


Body-shaping and care – deep efficacy. Based on our active ingredient Sveltine®, the very light and nourishing body lotion offers body-shaping and care with deep efficacy. It is easy to apply, and offers the pleasant wellness experience of mint, neroli and amber scents.


White Flowers Lightening Lotion


Natural anti-pigmentation – rapid melanin reduction. The white and nourishing lotion has a dry skinfeel. Thanks to our natural anti-pigmentation agent Dermawhite®, the formulation rapidly and gently reduces melanin and illuminates the skin. It also hydrates and provides a pleasant experience with a light perfume of apricot, vanilla and honey.


  • Meet Paula (22)...

    A modern jazz dance enthusiast who lives in a shared flat. She loves connecting with friends from different cultures through music and dance as well as creating new performances together. Traveling to dance in other countries and experience their cultures firsthand is a big dream. She wants to look her best without complicated or artificial treatments. For Paula and all others who wish for minimalist personal care with noticeable effects, we have developed the Remodelling Rich Body Lotion.

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Free Radical Defending Renewal Night Mask


Overnight enhancement – anti-free radical complexion care. The creamy and nourishing mask protects the skin with a complete anti-oxidant treatment using our nature-based active ingredient Litchiderm® coupled with vitamin E. It also features the relaxing scent combination of bergamot, magnolia and cashmere wood.


DIY Repairing & Rebalance Solid Cream


Soothing skin recovery – restored healthy microflora and barrier function. A soothing and smooth cream, it provides skin recovery and restoration of the skin’s healthy microflora and barrier function thanks our active ingredient Phytosoothe®. The solid formulation melts on application due to the warmth of the skin, making it easy and convenient to use, and has a balance scent of lemon, tea and white amber.


Pro-Elasticity Sun Care Lotion SPF 50+


Proactive sun protection – delayed photo-aging and enhanced elasticity. Equipped with a high SPF and our active ingredient Lys’Sun®, the formulation provides proactive sun protection, delayed photo-aging and enhanced elasticity. The very light and fast-absorbing serum is non-sticky and easy to apply.


  • Meet Louise (29)...

    A single with a lot of good friends, who loves to draw Mangas and take part in cosplay events. Connecting with diverse roles in different games is her passion – and traveling around the world to experience Manga culture full-on is her dream. She wants effective support that can restore the skin overnight. For Louise and all others who love to inhabit different roles, we have created the Free Radical Defending Renewal Night Mask.

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