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Appealing formulations, scientific testing, verifiable consumer benefits – the consumer-centered approach that sets BASF Personal Care apart is firmly rooted in science excellence. On every level, in each dimension, we leverage the expertise of BASF to support you in developing winning products that answer consumers’ innermost wishes. 

Moisturesque Face Delight


Looking for a new light face care texture which hydrates the skin and offers the benefits of a biomimetic structure?
The new translucent, gelée texture is achieved by combination of the sugar derived emulsifier Emulgade® Sucro Plus with the stabilizing agents Lanette® O and Rheocare® C Plus. These ingredients form a strong gel network and lamellar layers that stabilize a small number of large oil droplets. These large oil droplets lower the oil-water interfacial area and reduce the light scattering resulting in an extraordinary translucency.

This structure provides the formulation with a melting gelée texture in addition to

  • A very easy distribution 
  • A soft silicone-like touch
  • An indulgent care sensation 

It combines the light & fresh application of a gel with the soft care of an O/W emulsion. 
Fast-spreading emollients Cetiol® Ultimate and Cetiol® Sensoft contribute to the easy application properties and pleasant after-feel. Emulgade® Sucro Plus ensures a soft caring sensation. PatcH2O™ is a molecular patch based on film-forming natural biopolymers, and delivering intense moisturization.

Corneometer: Moisturizing Efficacy 
Imaging: Transparency
Microscopy: Lamellar Structures
Sensory Assessment: Pillow Talk 

Easy to apply
Pleasant skinfeel / afterfeel

Moisturesque Face Delight | SC-DE-16-144-41

High Conditioning & Perfecting Shampoo


Women can immediately feel the differences in a shampoo´ s performance on their hair. Shampoos today are no longer created as basic cleansing products but need to offer additional benefits or be suitable for different consumer needs. 

Conditioning & Perfecting Shampoo develops a conditioning gel phase during the application which is deposited onto the hair. This conditioning gel phase, enriched by the conditioning booster Plantasil® 4V and the micro protein. Gluadin® Kera-P LM, remains on the hair surface after rinsing and provides easier combing and hair protection. The protective conditioning layer on the hair surface stays even after repeated combing and provides a long lasting conditioning effect. This deposition can be visualized by optical microscopy. 

Wet combablility
Microscopy - Deposition  

Long-lasting conditioner

Conditioning & Perfecting Shampoo | HB-DE-16-146-03