Cosmetics for real life

Products for real persons

People love personal care products that perfectly match their individual habits and preferences in lifestyles and needs.

As example, raising our children, enjoying hobbies, learning new skills – we all play many roles in our professional and personal lives, each with their own distinctive requirements.

That’s why BASF Personal Care has drawn inspiration from real people to develop an array of formulation ideas. Our concept Cosmetics for real life is designed to give you inspiration for products that fulfill the innermost wishes of different consumer types – from mothers busy managing their families to sports enthusiast and artistic types, from businesspeople to party animals and glamorous types. It gives you some valuable insights into what we mean by “Inspired by life” and how you can profit from our approach.  

Formulation Examples

Effective, non-greasy and easy to apply

Mr. Sporty’s Sun Oil Spray SPF 50

For people like Mr. Sporty, who love cycling or running and are often exposed to UV light for several hours, safe sun protection is absolutely essential. This sun oil spray provides an optimum of UVA/UVB protection plus water resistance, can easily be distributed and makes it easy to ride the bike without sticky fingers. 

Formulation GEUV11080-4-6

Quick absorption and high efficacys

Mr. Business’ Anti-Aging Gel Cream

Mr. Business likes light skin care products that are absorbed quickly and provide long-term performance without feeling sticky. This combination of gel and cream enriched with active ingredients meets his exact requirements. 

Formulation SC-DE-12-217-20

Rejuvenation and protection

Mrs. Artist’s Day Cream SPF 15

Mrs. Artist loves to sit at her piano or review the notes of the piece she is going to play next. Making the right choices in music or picking a day cream gives her a great feeling – both help to rejuvenate her mind and body. 

Formulation SC-ES-12-09-8

Indulgent and luxurious

Mrs. Business’ Body Oil

Whether she has dry skin, needs a relaxing or super-sensual massage, or wants to regain her skin’s energy, this luxurious body oil is a perfect treat for Mrs. Business. The senses perceive a delightful oil texture and an extravagant golden effect.

Formulation SC-DE-12-209-29