Conditioning Anywhere

Our versatile and effective conditioning polymer range

Different hair types have varying conditioning needs depending on climate, surroundings and other factors. People want conditioners that care for the hair effectively and naturally. BASF Personal Care has developed the concept Conditioning Anywhere to enable you to create the conditioners and conditioning shampoos as well as body- and face-care products your target groups are looking for. Available in three variants, our Dehyquart® Guar conditioning polymers are derived from guar flour. They let you formulate highly appealing opaque, pearlescent or transparent products with different levels of conditioning effect.

Dehyquart® Guar HP

The Care & Repair Conditioning Shampoo “Dubai”

The Care & Repair Conditioning Shampoo “Dubai” is based on a high performance conditioning combination of Dehyquart® Guar HP and the conditioner booster Plantasil® 4V. The pearlizer concentrate Euperlan® PK 710 gives a luxurious, brilliant appearance to the product.

Formulation HB-DE-14-017-51

Dehyquart® Guar HP

The Extra Care Conditioner with Argan Oil “Marrakesh”

The Extra Care Conditioner with Argan Oil “Marrakesh“ contains Dehyquart® Guar HP in association with the cationic surfactant Dehyquart® A CA and the cationic emulsion base Dehyquart® F 75, for an strong care and conditioning effect. Lypofructyl™ Argan, our sustainable sourcing argan oil from Morocco, gives brightness, softness and silky effect to the hair. 

Formulation HB-DE-15-143-34

Dehyquart® Guar TC

The XL-Volume Conditioning Shampoo “Berlin”

The transparent XL-Volume Conditioning Shampoo “Berlin” is based on the combination of Dehyquart® Guar TC with our eco-friendly oil-conditioning microemulsion Plantasil® Micro. This combination has specially shown very good performance to provide volume to hair.

Formulation HB-DE-15-086-10