Color cosmetics meet skincare benefits

BASF Personal Care the crossover beauty solution provider

For female consumers, skincare and beauty are a holistic topic. It’s not just about good looks, but also personal confidence and empowerment.

Brands are investing considerable time and money in the development, testing and promotion of new cosmetics and makeup products that support women in asserting their sense of individuality and inner strength in their professional and private lives. The world is changing faster and faster, and beauty trends come and go very quickly. Suppliers need to offer the best solution at the right moment with the right advice.

In color cosmetics, for example, we can see that this category is changing very fast: brands are aware of the big need for inclusivity, which is clearly recognized by consumers. In parallel, there is the consumer’s growing concern about waste in cosmetic products.

Makeup is increasingly linked to skincare. The demand for products that also demonstrate skin quality benefits like skin radiance, hydration, or UV and pollution protection are becoming essential.

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BASF Personal Care offers many possibilities, to answer consumer makeup needs. Short term solution and strong support to help brand creating the best formulas with the most adapted bioactive and thus, end-consumer claims.

BASF Personal Care is mainly well-known to provide beauty solution, with a very high and expert image, offering a strong range of bioactive adapted to skin issue.

Face color routine inspirations

1 Instant primer

Bix’Activ® for sebum regulation - all skin type

PatcH2O® to hydrate and purify the skin

Inolixir™ to even skin tone and decrease signs of fatigue


2 Healthy foundation

Irwinol® or Nephydrat® to hydrate and soothe 

DN-Age® or Sqisandryl® for anti-aging benefits

Hyalurosmooth® as a radiance booster

Actiwhite® or Dermawhite® to brighten the skin

MicroPatch® Serine to enhance skin hydration & color lasting


3 Finishing powder/fixing mist

Ciste’M® as multi-light protector

Purisoft® as a pollution defender

One example for multifunctional and smart protective and wellness makeup, check out our MicroPatch® Serine. The perfect synergy between bioactive and color, to naturally dress up your skin for daily work or after work, thanks to its delivery system for protective makeup.