Aerosol Navigator

Aerosol solutions for different applications

From shaving and skincare products, haircare and sun protection to deodorants and antiperspirants – aerosol formats enjoy huge popularity in the personal care market. In fact, personal care manufacturers made up almost 60% of all European aerosol propellant usage in 2018. No wonder: these aerosol products are appreciated by consumers due to its convenience and pleasant use.

Nowadays, when health is a major topic everywhere and for every consumer, the spray formats are well-placed to be re-positioned as hygienic and touch-free products. The contactless way to apply to skin and hair is ideal to support this hygiene message.

With the Aerosol Navigator, BASF offers a broad overview of our high-performance aerosol solutions, showing the versatility of aerosol for multiple applications. But each product type requires its own specific system. For optimum results, the packaging, propellant and formulation must be perfectly matched.

Here you’ll find our solutions dedicated to different market segments.

Body care

By incorporating cold processes or introducing our easy-to-adapt innovative emulsion technologies like “cream to oil” or SWOP® to this type of format, different alternatives such as mousse and sprays for body care products can be formulated.

Slim & Go Body Spray (SC-ES-16-1606-18)

Fresh lotion with slimming action prepared with Cold Process and filled as bag-on-valve.

Delicious Mousse-to-oil (SC-DE-18-159-001)
Based on the Cream-to-Oil Technology, this mousse transforms into a lightweight oil during application. Indulge yourself with this light natural lotion that releases its intensively caring oil film in a few seconds, embracing your skin with lovely softness. You will enjoy this soft skin moisturizing oil which is conveniently applied as a fresh lotion.


Face care & cleansing

From the wide range of products that Aerosol Navigator offers, we also focus on specific areas such as face care and cleansing. With solutions that meets convenience, safety and innovation we have alternatives that incorporate technologies as Bag-on-valve together with SWOP® technology.

Firming Bio Tech Mousse (SC-ES-17-1611-24)
Bag-on-valve face Mousse, based on SWOP® Technology. It develops a very compact and creamy mousse, stable and easy to apply on face. It provides a perceivable care sensation and quick absorption and an extraordinary after feel that leaves the skin soft and pampered for hours, thanks to the right combination of emollients of different spreadability. This formulation has been tested as “Non Flammable.

Sun care

To help consumers with convenient formats easy to apply and distribute BASTo help consumers with convenient formats easy to apply and distribute BASF offers different emulsion technologies for mousses and sprays. Solutions that can also meet innovative technologies as our SWOP® technology, which result ideal to adapt for mousse formats. The right combination of our photostable UV filters will ensure a balanced and adequate sun protection.

SWOP® High Performance Mousse SPF 30 (UV-DE-18-079-1-3)
This SWOP® Technology based, High Performance Mousse SPF 30 provides high efficient protection tested in vivo with outstanding mousse texture.

Body cleansing

Offering not only easy application but convenience, different formats during our daily cleansing routines can also help to have a complete experience during the bath time.

Caring Shower Aerosol Mousse (HB-ES-18-1701-MG7)
Caring Shower Mousse is providing a cocooning experience in the bath with its dense, creamy mousse.

Hair cleansing & conditioning

Our solutions for this segment are represented by products that can offer convenience and pleasant application, delivering consistent and controlled mousse to give an additional sensory benefit to the consumers.

Cleansing Foam Conditioner (HB-DE-17-107-1)
The cleansing conditioner trend still replies to consumer expectations who are looking for a unique product that looks and acts like a conventional emulsion conditioner but has the additional benefit of a mild cleansing shampoo.

Hair styling

To deliver the product in a homogeneous way and in the right amount exactly where it is needed, is especially relevant in hair styling products. With our broad range of mousse and sprays formulations, we meet those needs and offer to consumers the right styling efficacy together with added value benefits and nice and well adapted textures.

Whipped Marshmallow Mousse (HB-ES-18-1832-1)
This styling formulation provides a new experience for a mousse application: its whipped marshmallow texture provides a pleasant feeling during the use, while dressing the hair with a high fixation.